Diary Dates:
Term 1, 2018
► Wednesday 14 February
Ash Wednesday
(Primary Mass then Infants Liturgy)
► Friday 16 February

Parish Gala Night

► Monday 19 February
Kindy Information Night (6pm)

Year 1 Information Night (7pm)
► Tuesday 20 February
Year 3 Information Night (6pm)
► Wednesday 21 February
Year 5 Information Night (6pm)
Year 4 Information Night (7pm)
► Thursday 22 February
Year 6 Information Night (6pm)
► Friday 23 February
St Mads Assembly (2pm)
► Tuesday 6 March
Marian Catholic College's
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Thursday 8th February, 2018 | Term 1, Week 2

It is wonderful to be back together again for another year of teaching and learning at St Madeleine’s. I enjoyed listening to all the holiday stories from the children in the first week! They are all now well and truly back into the routines of the school week, getting use to their new teachers and the new toilet block! Our Kinder students have made a great start to the year and they are very settled in their classrooms. We were so blessed to have cooler weather last week so the children could be outside for each recess and lunch time.

This year we welcome six new colleagues to our teaching team: Mrs Jodi Jefferson (Assistant Principal), Mrs Jennifer Coope (Coordinator and Year 6 teacher)...

Timetable for Parent Information Nights 2018

Beginning School Mass

On Thursday we gathered in the name of our God; a God of wisdom, compassion, justice and most of all love.

Lord, we ask for your help as we begin this new school year. Allow us to experience your presence in the many blessings you put before us. Open our eyes to the new challenges and exciting opportunities that this new school year brings. Open our heart and mind to new friends and new community members. Give us a generous spirit to be enthusiastic with our studies and the courage to accept new opportunities.

Let this year be marked by enthusiasm and love so that, with the inspiration of your Spirit, we may continue to grow in our faith. Help us to fulfill your hope for us with honest intentions and works of faith.

Ash Wednesday Mass 14th February

Lent is a spiritual journey of prayer, penance and good works through which we seek conversion to the Lord who invites us to share more deeply in his life and mission.

Jesus invites us to follow him on the way that leads to Jerusalem: 'If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross daily, and follow me.' (Lk 9:23). This is a personal and serious invitation, but one that will unleash the power of love on those willing to accept it.

During Lent we are invited to respond to Jesus' invitation in a real and practical way through prayer, fasting and works of charity that express our solidarity with Christ and with our neighbour.

Many Catholics approach Lent with the question: 'What shall I give up for Lent this year?' Lent is a time of penance. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches us that the interior penance of the Christian can be expressed in many and various ways. Sacred Scripture and the Church Fathers insist, above all on all three forms: fasting, prayer and almsgiving. (cf. CCC 1434) Each of these forms of penance is a way to conversion, the goal of every Lenten observance.

Jesus linked together almsgiving, prayer and fasting (Mt 6, 1-18). He himself fasted for forty days before beginning his public ministry. From very early times fasting was associated with periods of special prayer and listening to God's word.

Please join us for prayer on Wednesday 14th February at 9:15am.

The Bible

The Bible is God’s Word to us. The Bible is literally, “God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16). In other words, it is God’s very words to us. It contains God’s thoughts, recorded by men under the guidance of the Holy Spirit; it is different from any other book in the world. The Holy Spirit is at work any time a Christian reads the Bible, helping him or her to understand what is written.

Please use and revere your Bible at home to support our journey with children in knowing God and building a personal relationship with a God.

Kathy Fisher
Religious Education Coordinator

A message from Mrs Jefferson

What an incredible introduction to the St Madeleine’s community I have had over the last two weeks!! I am so appreciative of the warm welcome and kindness I have been shown by both students and parents. I feel extremely privileged to be joining St Madeleine’s and really excited to be a part of such a dynamic learning community. What a great start to 2018!

Mrs Jodi Jefferson
Assistant Principal

School Census Day
Friday 9th February

Friday 9th February is School Census Day. All children should attend school on this day and absence should only be if it is absolutely necessary. If you know your child will be away on Friday 9th February, please email stmadeleines@parra.catholic.edu.au  advising the reason for the absence and when they will return, otherwise, simply respond to the text sent from St Madeleine’s on the day by 10.00am explaining their absence and their date of return to school. This is of course a requirement that applies to everyday of the school year, however, Census data is directly related to Government funding for our schools and the requirements outlined above are set by the Department of Education.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Mrs Louise Giacca
Finance Officer

School Fees 2018

The CEO will be posting out school fees in the next couple of weeks. Included with your statement will be information regarding “Flexible Payment Plans”.  Please consider taking up a flexible payment plans to make life easier.

School fees are due and payable by 21st March 2018, unless you are opting to pay by the flexible payment plan. 

If you have not received a statement by the end of February, please contact the office 9654 6752  so we can organise a copy for you.

Mrs Louise Giacca
Finance Officer

Complaint Handling Policy and Procedures

At St Madeleine’s Primary School, the dignity of each person is valued and the rights of all members of our community are respected. From time to time concerns may arise or parents of the school community may need to approach the school in order to:

  • Discuss the progress or welfare of own child
  • Express concern about actions of other students
  • Enquire about school policy or practice
  • Express concern about actions of staff
  • Express concerns about actions of another parent

It is therefore necessary to have procedures that will help solve problems as soon as possible so that a safe and harmonious school environment is maintained. The best results usually flow from working together.

These guidelines aim to:

  • Provide a guide in order that concerns are dealt with in an open and fair manner.
  • Ensure that the rights of students, teachers and parents are respected and upheld.
  • Support sensitivity and confidentiality.
  • Help reach an agreed solution

On occasion, concerns may cause frustration and anxiety. At such times, it is always important to organise a time to talk with school staff in an unhurried and confidential atmosphere.

NB: No parent should directly approach another person’s child.

The school will deal with issues between students as part of the school’s Student Management and Pastoral Care Policies.

Procedural Fairness

We follow the procedural fairness guidelines established by the Catholic Education Office Parramatta.

These principles ensure:

  • The dignity of all parties in the decision making process is respected
  • The process is conducted in an orderly manner
  • Decisions are based on evidence and the alleged facts are clearly stated
  • The person about whom a decision is to be made is given an opportunity to respond, before a decision is made
  • Timeliness - this means the issue must be raised with the person within a reasonable time and outcomes reached as soon as reasonably practicable
  • Records of process will be maintained

If at any stage you feel you are not satisfied with the solutions offered or believe you have not been given a fair hearing or your feel your concern has not been addressed to your satisfaction, then you are encouraged to make an appointment with the Assistant Principal or Principal to discuss the issues further.

If the matter is not resolved by the school Leadership Team, parents will be offered the phone number to contact the Catholic Education Office.

The recommended procedure for students is:

  • If issues arise in the classroom students are encouraged to speak to their class teacher to seek assistance in finding a resolution.
  • Children encountering problems on the playground are asked to follow the “What to do if someone is annoying me” procedure and if they continue to have problems they are instructed to then talk to the teacher on duty at the time of the incident. If they believe that their concern has not been adequately addressed they are encouraged to speak to their class teacher.
  • Children have the right at all times to speak to the Principal, Assistant Principal or any other staff member about issues, complaints or grievances they might have.

Code of Conduct for Parents / Visitors

A code of conduct for parents and visitors ensures that everyone who visits the school site is able to do so in a safe and harmonious manner and to ensure that students, staff, parents and other visitors are not subjected to aggressive or hostile behaviours.

Parents and visitors are expected to:

  • Treat all persons associated with the school with respect and courtesy
  • Ensure their child/children are punctual to class
  • Make appointments in advance of expecting to obtain an interview 
  • Discuss issues or concerns about the school, staff, students or parents through the correct procedures
  • Follow school procedures governing entry either at drive through or arriving after classes have commenced or leaving before the school day has finished.
  • We are very fortunate that our school community is very aware of the need to communicate effectively and appropriately in order to maintain a safe and happy learning environment for all members of our school community. 

Child Protection — Volunteer Helpers

It is a Diocesan requirement that parents who volunteer at the school e.g. Reading Groups, Canteen, Uniform Shop or Excursions - must complete the CEO online Child Protection Module Building Child Safe Communities, which needs to be completed every two years and is emailed to the school after completion.

You do not need to do the Working with Children Check at Service NSW.

School Attendance

Application for Extended Leave during School Terms.
National Standards have been established to ensure there is a consistent approach nationally to the collection and reporting of student attendance data.
As part of the implementation of the National Standards, holidays taken by students during school terms will now be included as absences. A Certificate of Exemption is NO LONGER REQUIRED for holidays taken during term time if the leave is less than 5 school days.
Families will be encouraged to take their holidays during the school holidays but if travel is necessary during the school term, parents need to: 

  • For leave of 1 – 4 school days: Inform the class teacher in writing.
  • For leave of 5 or more school days: Write a letter of request addressed to the Principal prior to the commencement of the leave indicating the specific reason or purpose for the request of leave. You also need to complete paperwork and supply copies of travel documents and then receive a response from the Principal granting permission for the leave.

Monitor and Respond to Student Absence
The Class Teacher:

  • Complete the class attendance each day
  • Informs the Principal of emerging patterns of absence.

The Office:

  • Follows up unaccounted absences by the end of the school day via SMS messages.
  • Records late arrivals and early departures.

The Principal:

  • Generates Student Attendance Summary Reports fortnightly.
  • Analyses absences and decide whether it is an issue of emerging absenteeism.
  • Informs parents of attendance concern when absenteeism is < 90%.

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