Diary Dates:
Term 1, 2018
► Friday 23 March
Cross Country Carnival 
► Thursday 29 March 
Easter Liturgy (9.15am) 
► Friday 30 March 
Good Friday 
► Monday 2 April 
Easter Monday  
► Wed 4 April - Fri 6 April 
Yr 5 Great Aussie Bush Camp 
► Wed 11 - Thurs 12 April 
Confirmation Sacrament (7pm) 
► Monday 16 April 
School Holidays Begin 

Term 2, 2018
► Monday 30 April 
Pupil Free Day 
► Tuesday 1 May 
Term 2 Begins

Address: 28 Annangrove Rd, Kenthurst 2156
Phone: 9654 6751 | Fax: 9654 6798
Email: stmadeleines@parra.catholic.edu.au
Website: www.stmadeleineskenthurst.catholic.edu.au
Thursday 22 March, 2018 | Term 1, Week 8

Dear Parents and Friends,

I am delighted to let you know that the Student Representative Council (SRC) 2018 has been elected. We congratulate these students:

  • Lola Rahme (3B)
  • Benjamin Grima (3W)
  • Tillie Sebire (4B)
  • Chloe Boston (4W)
  • Andrew Isaac (5B)
  • Mikayla Muscat (5W)

These students along with our School Captains, Vice Captains and Prefects will all work together to address relevant issues and set achievable goals that support the needs of our school community.

The aims of the SRC are to:

  • Actively involve students in their own education and welfare,
  • Develop leadership skills,
  • Empower students to make a positive contribution to the school community.

Ms Kate Limberger will support the students and lead them in their discussions and...

Halogen Conference

Last week I had the privilege of taking our student leaders to the Halogen National Young Leaders Day. Halogen Australia is an organisation that aims to inspire and influence a generation of young people to lead themselves and others well.

St Madeleine’s student leaders had the opportunity to listen to three inspirational speakers: John Coutis, Australian cricket player Lauren Cheatle and Australian author Matt Cosgrove. Each shared their own life stories of how they overcame adversity to pursue life goals and experience success in their chosen field.

On the day, our Year 6 students were an outstanding example of leadership at St Madeleine’s Primary School. They represented our school with pride and were particularly inspired by speaker John Coutis. John’s golden rule in life is “Treat people the way you wish to be treated”.
Here are some of their reflections about the day:

John Coutis

Our first speaker at the Young Leaders Day  was John Coutis. John had a disability as he was born with deformed feet and legs. When he was born he was the size of a small water bottle, and he was bullied terribly at school. There were many times when he wanted to give up and quit school, but he knew he wouldn't succeed in anything if he didn't try. So the next day he dragged himself into school literally! John was hurt many times at school and one day he made the decision to amputate his legs. From that moment, John never let his disability stop him from doing whatever he wanted in life. John spoke about how important it is to be resilient, so he never gave up and always tried his best.  

By Sophie Miller 

Matt Cosgrove

Matt Cosgrove is an Australian author and illustrator who was the final speaker for the Halogen Young Leaders Day. In his speech, Matt talked about how he persevered with his dream to be an author. He also talked about the 5 P’s, perseverance, perception, positivity, practice and passion. He told us of how he implemented the 5 P’s in his journey to be an author. All in all, Matt was a very inspirational speaker and concluded the day with an important point.

By Luka Susnjara

Lauren Cheatle

The second speaker at the National Young Leaders day, Lauren Cheatle plays for the Sydney 6’s and the national cricket team in NSW. When she was young her father share a quote with her…..”If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”. Lauren decided to live her life by this quote. Unfortunately during her career she badly injured her back and had to stop playing cricket for a couple years. She didn't let that stop her for long, as she was back playing cricket as soon as she was starting to feel better. Lauren used the challenge of her injury to persevere ad keep playing the game she loved. 

Harrison Craig 

Our third speaker for the Young Leaders Day was Harrison Craig. Harrison was the winner of The Voice in 2014. Some of his struggles as he was building his career was that when he was born with a stutter in his voice that he could not control. During his career Harrison learnt how to overcome his stutter.
Every recess and lunch at school, he would go to the music room and as he walked in, he set his goals for the day. He persisted and persevered with  both his stutter and other musical goals he had for himself. He always kept his eyes on the goal and never gave up.
When it was time for him to show his passion to the world on the Voice, the thing he was most worried about was his stutter. As he stepped onto the large stage, his voice shone and there wasn't even a single stutter in his voice. When they asked him for his name, age and state, he stuttered but the judges still accepted who he was.
He was so good that his stutter didn't stop him. He had championed over everyone else even though he had another obstacle to overcome. This did not stop him from being the best version of himself, whether or not he had won.
One thing he had always lived by and aspired by was to never give up. Once you take your eyes off the goals, you see frightening obstacles ahead.

By Sofia Attia

Thank you to Mrs John, Mrs Scott and Mrs Sakkal who gave up their time to accompany us on the day.

Jodi Jefferson
Assistant Principal


The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference identified the liturgical year 2018 as a national YEAR OF YOUTH. The Year of Youth is focused on local renewal and engagement.

The Year of Youth invites the church into discernment about the importance and life-giving presence of young people in the Church and society. It calls for dialogue and active engagement focused on the reconnection and renewal of a new generation of young people in the life of the Church.

Prayer for Youth

Come Holy Spirit of this Great Southland
Inspire our entire faith community,
As we prayerfully discern new horizons for spreading joy in the lives and communities of the People of God.

Come Holy Spirit of Youth
Fill the hearts of young people with the hope and love of Jesus Christ.
Enliven our community with the creativity, energy and joy of youth.
Guide us together, as we strive to offer God’s mercy to those who feel abandoned or outcast.

Come Holy Spirit of Faith
Empower our community to be courageous.
Unite your people as witnesses of love.
Walk with us, as we blaze new trails of discipleship, accompanying young people as we renew the Church together.

Come Holy Spirit of Vocation
Stir within young people an awareness of God’s call.
Reveal to us the graces of young people.
Guide us all, in finding our place and raising our voices to build a civilisation of love.

Our Lady of the Southern Cross, Help of Christians, pray for us.
St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, friend of the young, pray for us.


PALM SUNDAY (25th March)


Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem manifested the coming of the kingdom that the King - Messiah was going to accomplish by the Passover of his Death and Resurrection. It is with the celebration of that entry on Palm Sunday that the Church’s liturgy solemnly opens Holy Week. (CCC 560)

The season of Lent climaxes in Holy Week, the holiest week of the Church year. The word ‘passion’ comes from the Greek language. For the Greeks, ‘passion’ and ‘suffering’ had similar meanings.

Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Jesus knew that he would be exposed to his enemies. He knew that he might face suffering and death at their hands. It was his Father’s will that he remain true to his mission of revealing God’s merciful love and truth irrespective of the consequences.

The three ceremonies of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil form the Easter Triduum and are to be seen together as comprising one liturgical celebration.


Sixth Sunday of Lent - SUNDAY 25th March, 2018

Palm Sunday is the sixth and final week of Project Compassion, Caritas Australia’s Lenten fundraising appeal.

Many of us over the years have seen film and television productions of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We could be tempted to see Palm Sunday as a historical re-enactment of the tragic events in Christ's life. Unlike those who witnessed this procession through Jerusalem 2000 years ago, we celebrate this day in the light of the resurrection. We know that sadness and death have given way to new life and that Christ has triumphed over death, so we too live in hope.

Through the liturgies of Holy Week, we participate in the remembrance of Jesus’ final days. We are mindful too of the many women, men and children around the world who are most vulnerable to extreme poverty and injustice. These are, in our time, the face of the suffering Christ.

One such face is Psyche Mae who when featured in Project Compassion in 2008, was a teenager living with her family in a squatter settlement on the edge of a giant rubbish dump in the Philippines. Like thousands of others desperate to make ends meet, her family was forced to pick through the rubbish and sell what they could to survive.

Fast forward to 2018 where Psyche Mae, her parents and siblings have managed to lift themselves out of poverty to a new life where they have built a better future. Psyche Mae herself is now a qualified social worker for the Philippines Government, helping informal settlers, particularly women. She is a hard worker, working full-time and studying after work at university, where she plans to continue to study for a Master's degree.

This story illustrates that renewal and the opportunity for new life can be the start of a just future, where people can become the architects of change in their lives. 

Committing to something meaningful during Lent is another way to draw closer to God and stand in solidarity with people in need. 

Gracious Lord, we pray that we recognise the suffering of Christ in those who are marginalised and vulnerable. Let us be people of compassion and mercy to stand up and do what is right in order that all people can live life to the full as Jesus promised.


Please support the St Madeleine’s SRC in the Easter Egg Raffle. All proceeds will go towards Project Compassion. Tickets will be drawn after the Easter Liturgy on Thursday 29th March.


Please pray for all our children, as they get ready to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation.


Please refer to the parish bulletin for Mass times.
Fr Vince and all parishioners would love to see you and your family there.

‘Be humble, be simple, bring joy to others.’
— St Madeleine Sophie Barat

Mrs Kathy Fisher
Religious Education Coordinator

It's that time of year again!

The 2018 Premier’s Reading Challenge kicked off on
Monday 5 March and closes Friday 31 August (midnight).

The Challenge aims to encourage a love of reading in children and allow them to experience quality Literature. It is not a competition but a challenge to READ, READ and READ some more!

In 2017 almost 291,000 children successfully completed the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge.

Please check out NSW Premier's Reading Challenge 2018 for more information.

Ms Pauline Pittas
Coordinator 2

Notice Period for Leaving St Madeleine’s

A term's notice (10 school weeks) in writing must be given to the principal before the

removal of a student or a full term's fees will be payable. The notice can be given any time during term for the next term.  One exception is that notice in writing will be accepted at any time during Term 4 in relation to the following year’s enrolment, that is, the notice period of 10 school weeks will be waived in this circumstance.

The requirement for a terms notice (10 school weeks) is recognition by the family of the

commitment to assist with funding of the School by having their child take a place that could have been offered to another family. Unless the student is

present for the August census or the student is able to be replaced mid-year, which is unlikely, the loss of the student will most certainly result in the loss of significant government funding. Thus a term notice provides the school with an opportunity to replace the student within the next term.  

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Changing Schools

When a student under 17 years of age leaves school with an unknown destination the school has the responsibility to inform the Department of Education and Training of the name and last known contact details for the student concerned. Please contact the school office and provide details if you are changing schools.

Priority of Enrolment

Under Catholic Education Office policies schools are required to follow Diocesan enrolment policy giving priority in the order as outlined below:

  • Children of Catholic families in the local parish
  • Children of Catholic families who live outside  the parish geographic boundaries but regularly attend the school's local parish
  • Children of Catholic families who are parishioners of another parish
  • Children of families who actively participate in the life of the school and local parish community
  • Children of Orthodox families
  • Children whose families belong to other Christian churches who, with their parents, respect and agree to support the Catholic mission of the school including the faith education it offers for their children
  • Children of non-Christian faiths who, with their parents, respect and agree to support the Catholic mission of the school including the faith education it offers for their children
  • Children who, with their parents, respect and agree to support the Catholic mission of the school including the faith education it offers for their children

Provided that:

  • Siblings of presently enrolled children will have preference over applicants who have no sibling in the school within each category in the priority list
  • A child who has completed primary education in a Catholic parish-based primary school will usually be offered continuity of enrolment in a Catholic secondary school.

Parent Code of Conduct

The staff of St Madeleine’s Primary School is committed to providing a safe learning environment that enhances the physical, educational, spiritual and social development of our students. The contribution of visiting members of the school community is an integral part of our school and is highly valued.
The Code of Conduct for Parents, Carers and Visitors has been developed to ensure that everyone who visits the school site is able to do so in a safe and harmonious manner.

It is expected that parents/carers and visitors may need to approach the school in order to:

  • Discuss the progress, engagement or well-being of their child;
  • Express concern about actions of other students;
  • Enquire about school policy and practice;
  • Engage with in-school/excursion activities e.g. class/year groups assistance with reading/numeracy; PE etc, following an invitation/enquiry for assistance from staff;
  • Convey information about change of address, custody details, health issues etc;
  • Express concern about actions of staff.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to set out the standards of behaviour expected of those who visit the school and to detail the necessary procedures that will help solve issues as soon as possible so that a safe and harmonious school environment is maintained.

Procedures for Volunteer Helpers

Throughout the school year, teachers need volunteers to assist in classrooms, school programs, performing arts, P&F initiatives (eg Mother’s Day Stall) and sports programs and/or other school initiatives.
Parents/carers and other volunteers assisting with school activities do so on the understanding that:

  • Teachers are responsible for the programs operating within the classroom and/or school;
  • Teachers have the ultimate responsibility for students under their care for the duration of their time at school;
  • They support the sensitivity and confidentiality of all students;
  • They accept responsibility and supervision for pre-school age children under their care for the duration of their time at school;
  • Their conduct and manners should at all times be acceptable and an appropriate model for all students
  • They should sign themselves in and out at the school’s front office when participating in school activities;
  • They wear a SCHOOL VOLUNTEER or VISITOR badge as identification whilst assisting students;
  • They have completed the school’s child protection requirements
  • They report safety concerns, injuries or emergencies to a member of staff.

Confidentiality is of primary importance. All parents/carers or volunteers are not to discuss any information they obtain at school with anybody, other than classroom teachers or the Principal.

Any parent/carer or volunteer not fulfilling these requirements may be excluded from assisting in school programs.

Parents/ Volunteers are expected to follow the principles of:

  • Safety
  • Respect
  • Support
  • Ethical Communication
  • Ethical Conduct

Parents /Volunteers should:

  • Behave honestly and with integrity
  • Act with care and diligence
  • Behave and dress appropriately

Parents /Volunteers should think and act safely:

  • Put safety first in all activities.
  • If a direct threat is identified, assist in the evacuation of the area and/or situation as quickly as possible.

Parents /Volunteers should treat students and staff with respect:

  • Respect the rights of individuals and maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality.
  • Treat everyone with courtesy, sensitivity, tact, consideration and humility.
  • Respect the cultures, beliefs, opinions and decisions of others although you may not always agree.
  • Take instruction from and not obstruct the responsible staff member in any way in regards to the execution of their duties.

Parents /Volunteers should use appropriate communication skills when engaging with students, parents and carers:

  • Acknowledge the needs and concerns of the individual.
  • Practice effective listening (For example ask open questions; be alert to non-verbal communication; stay calm and relaxed).
  • Be aware of the physical space of others.
  • Be aware of your own body language.
  • Stay calm and relaxed.
  • Be clear and consistent.
  • Use respectful and considerate language.
  • Seek advice whenever appropriate.
  • As a volunteer, you must follow all instructions from the staff and School
KB: William Ferris & Michaela Eltobaji
KW: Joshua Oaklands & Charlyze Donoso
1B: Alannah Sumner & Archer Talbot
1W: Caleb Liddle & Zoe Goodwin
2B: Sophia  Howe & Flynn Morris
2W: Molly Foxall & Kristian Jakovljevic
3B: Matrix Anderson & Saniya Arnold
3W: William Dorahy & Matilda Rogers
4B: Isaac Khoudair & Kyle Stevenson

4W: Sophie Phillips & Domenic Bruggeling
5B: Alessio Colasuonno & Bianca Palacio
5W: Cameron Birch & Annalise Danks Cowan
6B: Sofia Attia & Jensen Fradd
6W: Phoebe Grech & Matthew Dalton
Music/Drama: Sophie Miller (6B) & Jacob Cole (2B)
Mitchell Atkins (3B), Tyler Carabetta (5W) & Caleb Liddle (1W)

Parramatta Team Trials

Congratulations to Redmond Power who trialled last week and made it into the Parramatta Diocese Team for AFL to play at the Mackillop Trials (held in April at Wagga Wagga).

NSWCPS Swimming

On Wednesday 21st March, 11 students competed at the NSWCPS Swimming Carnival at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. Congratulations to all students for their sportsmanship and outstanding results.

  • Flynn Morris - 10th - 8 Years 50m Freestyle
  • Lily Sumner - 16th - 9 Years 50m Freestyle
  • Riley Cheers - 10th - 10 Years 50m Freestyle, 9th - Junior 50m Butterfly, 8th - Junior 200m IM
  • Emily Knight - 12th - 10 Years 50m Freestyle, 7th - Junior Backstroke, 9th - Junior 50m Butterfly, 13th - Junior 200m IM
  • Finn Sebire - 13th - Junior 50m Butterfly
  • Grace Liddle - 14th - 11 Year 50m Butterfly
  • Beni Horvath - 1st - 13 Years 50m Freestyle
  • Alessia Cauchi, Lily Sumner, Mikayla Muscat, Emily Knight - 12th - Junior Relay
  • Cooper Fradd, Finn Sebire, Nathan Duval, Riley Cheers - 14th - Junior Relay

Special congratulations to Beni Horvarth who will be competing at the NSWPSSA Championship in April!!

Julia Morris
Sport Coordinator

Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men and Women are called to protect not only Maid Marion from the fate of having to marry the evil sheriff, but also Tommy and Tilly, the Sheriff of Nottingham's nephew and niece. Will Robin win the day with the assistance of the local school teacher Winnie Widebottom and his faithful band of robbers who "steal from the rich to give to the poor"?
Zoe (5B) is playing the lead role of Tilly in Dural Musical Society's  Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood Pantomime! You can buy tickets to see her perform  here!

Miss Dannielle Ward
Newsletter Editor
Summer Jones (5W) was in the newspaper for recognising women in sport especially male dominated ones. She did this with Katie Page CEO of Harvey Norman, The GWS Women's AFL team and a female race car driver. They then loved her so much that they gave Summer a full day out training with GWS before the game, corporate box tickets, a jersey, drink bottle, they then   filmed, interviewed and photographed her putting her on their facebook and website, PLUS she got to eat with the players, go to a media function and get all their autographs. 
It is wonderful that Summer is proving that girls can play football too!

Miss Dannielle Ward
Newsletter Editor

Our Trivia Night will be on Saturday 2nd June!
Save the date!
More information to come - watch this space!

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Term 1, Week 9, 2018
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Andrew Howe & Renae Cole
Karlee Wade & Angela Paki
Term 1, Week 10, 2018
TUES: Liana Wall & Jodi Sakkal
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Jasna & Tori Pappalo
Manager: Therese Harwanek
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