Diary Dates:
Term 4, 2018

► Friday 24 November
9.15am - Year 4 Parish Communion Service

► Tuesday 26 November
9:15am - Year 6 Parish
Communion Service
6.30pm - Years 2-5
BYOLT Information Evening

► Thursday 29 November
9am - Morning Tea Mrs Black

► Friday 30 November
9.15am - Year 2 Parish Communion Service

Monday 3 December
7pm - P&F Nominations
3-7 December
Infant Swimming Program

► Tuesday 4 December
9.5am - Year 5 Parish Mass 2pm - Year 6 Passion

Project Showcase


Address: 28 Annangrove Rd, Kenthurst 2156
Phone: 9654 6751
Email: stmadeleines@parra.catholic.edu.au
Website: www.stmadeleineskenthurst.catholic.edu.au
Thursday 22 November, 2018 | Term 4, Week 6

Dear Parents and Friends,

Over the past few weeks we have welcomed our 2019 Kinder students and their parents to St Madeleine’s and I have very much appreciated the help and support of Mrs Grainne Bolland from our parent community. Grainne has welcomed the new parents and introduced them to one another each morning whilst the children had their assessments with the Kinder teachers. This important work of bringing the community together is what our Parents and Friends do so well. I remind our new parents that they can bring their completed  forms to the Orientation morning next Monday. You may like to sign up to be a helper in the canteen or be on the Kiss and Drop roster. It is never too early to be involved!

On Friday our Year 5 students will learn who their Kinder 2019 buddy is and they will meet their buddy at the Kinder Orientation on Monday. During the first few weeks of the school year, the Kindergarten children will be assisted by their  buddy to establish routines around the school and to help with social orientation. They will act as a support to the kinder student and their family, helping to build a strong sense of school community. It is a privilege to be a buddy and the Year 6 students are expected, at all times, to treat their buddy with respect and to conduct himself or herself as a positive role model. Throughout the year the two groups will work together to continue to build their friendship and community spirit.


The school is responsible for choosing the buddies. The social and learning needs of all the children are considered and children are placed accordingly after consultation with the Year 5 teachers and the Principal / Assistant Principal.


Our Year 6 students spent two days at Vision Valley on their Retreat Camp last week reflecting on all they have experienced and achieved whilst they have been with us at St Madeleine’s.

I attended the Liturgy with their parents at the conclusion of the two days and it was evident that this time had been well spent. The students challenged themselves with activities beyond their comfort zone, had a great deal of fun and socialised with their friends. They reflected on their primary school years and projected forward to how they imagine themselves to be in the future.  Many students spoke with gratitude for their family and friends and the opportunities they have had at St Madeleine’s.


I said to these students and their parents gathered for the Liturgy at the culmination of the retreat, that they are charged with the job of continuing the work of building God’s Kingdom here with their own families and in their community. We do this by connecting our faith with our life, day by day, encounter by encounter, respecting and loving one another. Pope Francis calls us all to action ~ He said that to change the world we need to recognise our gifts and use our gifts to reach out to do good to those who have no chance of ever repaying us.


I made connections with Pope Francis’ comment and Kurt Fearnley’s acceptance speech last Monday night. Kurt was awarded NSW Australian of the Year and he spoke so beautifully about all the people in his life who have helped him. He said that his success in life can be attributed to the person after person who invested in him through kindness and love and generosity. He said, “I am the culmination of generous moment after generous moment, kind moment after kind moment and that is the glue that holds this country together.”  Kurt’s heartfelt message of gratitude and his love for life and living it to the full, is inspirational. Check it out ~ it is worth five minutes of your time!


This term our Year 6 students have been attending Marian College to conduct their Science lessons in the Science labs with Marian College Science teachers. This is a great opportunity for these students to transition to the high school setting in this Key Learning Area. We  appreciate that Marian College staff have generously given of their time and resources to facilitate this transition program each year. Thank you neighbours!


Wishing you all a wonderful week!


Mrs Jeanette Black


Nobody can delude themselves by thinking, "I'm fine because I'm not doing anything wrong." To be a follower of Jesus it is not enough not to do wrong, because there is good that we must do!

Pope Francis@Pontifex


Every Learner Every Day   
Attendance rate to date is 86.6%

Our community believes that every day counts for every child. Our attendance levels are recorded below. Our target is for at least 90% attendance and you will note that three out of seven reached over this target over the past fortnight. It is important to know that your children must be at school and inside the classroom before 9am in order for you and them not to have to go to the office for a late note.

Scholastic Year

School Year Attendance Level

Scholastic Year

School Year Attendance Level
















Sending and Receiving Emails

St Madeleine’s Primary School recognises that email is a fast and convenient way to communicate with your child’s teacher.


As you could appreciate, teachers read their emails at various times throughout the school day. Further, that other than in the case of a genuine emergency, they are generally not expected to respond to emails from parents and students outside of normal working hours. Please keep in mind that if you send an email to a member of our staff outside of normal working hours, a reply may not be received until the following working day.


If you wish to contact your child’s teacher, please continue to direct your emails to stmadeleines@parra.catholic.edu.au which will then be triaged, as per usual practice.


We appreciate your assistance and understanding.

If you have any questions about this matter, please feel free to contact Mrs Jeanette Black on 9654 6751.

Parking Consideration

Please do not park in spaces that block or hinder traffic flow. Our site is challenged enough at the moment and we need your cooperation to assist smooth traffic flow into and out of the school grounds.

This includes parking on the exit driveway near Annangrove Road. Three cars were noted parked there this week. Thank you for your help with this.

21st Century Learning - Flexible Learning Spaces


The face of education has changed considerably in recent times, both aesthetically in terms of the learning environments and in relation to teacher pedagogy. In order for students to achieve their full potential as young adults, they need to develop a range of skills and knowledge that facilitates mastery and application of English, Mathematics and other school subjects. At the same time, business leaders and society are expecting schools to provide opportunities for students to develop skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and self management, often referred to as 21st Century Skills.


Education has shifted from a model of closed, teacher focussed environments reflective of the industrial age, to spaces that incorporate flexibility and collaboration. Teachers and schools provide learning environments that are engaging, varied, challenging and student centred rather than teacher focussed. Students no longer assume a passive role as a learner with the main aim being knowledge recall. They have opportunities to work on individual tasks, as a whole group and at other times in varied group arrangements. This flexibility allows students to develop competencies considered essential for the 21st century workforce.


Schools need to address the needs of the 21st century workforce by providing a mix of instruction, guidance, encouragement and present students with tasks that that require them to:


  • Think critically and question
  • Problem solve and analyse information
  • Develop social skills and teamwork
  • Respond in creative ways
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively
  • Develop self and social awareness
  • Sustain respectful relationships
  • Work autonomously to a high standard


By providing opportunities for students to develop the competencies listed above, schools are delivering learning that addresses the needs of 21st century learning.

Sunday 25 November 2018:

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe - Year B

Jn 18:33-37
A reading from the holy Gospel according to John

You say that I am a king.

'Are you the king of the Jews?’ Pilate asked. Jesus replied, ‘Do you ask this of your own accord, or have others spoken to you about me?’ Pilate answered, ‘Am I a Jew? It is your own people and the chief priests who have handed you over to me: what have you done?’ Jesus replied, ‘Mine is not a kingdom of this world; if my kingdom were of this world, my men would have fought to prevent my being surrendered to the Jews. But my kingdom is not of this kind.’ ‘So you are a king then?’ said Pilate. ‘It is you who say it’ answered Jesus. ‘Yes, I am a king. I was born for this, I came into the world for this: to bear witness to the truth; and all who are on the side of truth listen to my voice.’

Sunday 2 December 2018:

First Sunday of Advent - Year C

Lk 21:25-28 34-36
A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke

Your redemption is near at hand.

Jesus said to his disciples: ‘There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars; on earth nations in agony, bewildered by the clamour of the ocean and its waves; men dying of fear as they await what menaces the world, for the powers of heaven will be shaken. And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things begin to take place, stand erect, hold your heads high, because your liberation is near at hand.

‘Watch yourselves, or your hearts will be coarsened with debauchery and drunkenness and the cares of life, and that day will be sprung on you suddenly, like a trap. For it will come down on every living man on the face of the earth. Stay awake, praying at all times for the strength to survive all that is going to happen, and to stand with confidence before the Son of Man.’


The new Liturgical Year commences with the first Sunday of Advent. In this new liturgical year, the Church not only wishes to indicate the beginning of a period, but the beginning of a renewed commitment to the faith by all those who follow Christ. This time of prayer and penance endeavours to give us a renewed desire to truly welcome the message of the One who was incarnated for us. In fact, the entire Liturgy of the Advent Season will urge us to an awakening in our Christian life and will put us in a vigilant disposition to wait for Our Lord Jesus who is coming

Celebrations on the Horizon

Please mark these dates on your calendar.

7 December - Thank You Liturgy,

High Tea & Assembly

11 December - Christmas Concert

13 December - Year 6 Graduation Mass & Supper

19 December - End of Year School Mass

Plenary Council

A Plenary Council is the highest formal gathering of all local churches in a country. Our Plenary Council 2020 is being held so that we can dialogue about the future of the Catholic Church in Australia. It is being held to give the Catholic community in Australia time to listen, dialogue and discern with one another and, guided by the Holy Spirit, about the future, the role and relevance of the Catholic Church in Australia.


Recently, St Madeleine’s Parish held a meeting to give people an opportunity to voice their opinions. If you missed the parish meeting, please come along to the school hall on Saturday 1st December while the Gingerbread House Making afternoon is scheduled to have your say recorded regarding the future direction of the Catholic Church.


Please see Maree McNeil.

Mass Roster Term 4

The Mass roster is included on the parent calendar only. This can be accessed via the school website or the Skoolbag app. All parents are invited to join us in celebrating Parish Mass at 9:15am.

Please note that occasionally changes in the Mass roster may occur. We appreciate your understanding.

Parish Masses

Please refer to the parish bulletin or parish website for Mass times - http://stmadeleine.org.au/


Fr Vince and all parishioners would love to see you and your family there.

"Your example, even more than your words, will be an eloquent lesson to the world".

St Madeleine Sophie Barat

Kathy Fisher
Religious Education Coordinator

School Notes/Information sent home or on Skoolbag for weeks 5 & 6
  • Thank You Liturgy & High Tea for Parent Volunteers Invitation
  • Year 2 Liturgy
  • Sending & Receiving Emails
  • Conjunctivitis
Arrival & Dismissal

Attendance at school is compulsory and being at school on time and remaining for the whole day ensures that your child has the best opportunity to engage fully in all the learning activities available. Below are the routines that have been established for both safe arrival and dismissal of students.

We ask that you read through all the items and make yourself and your child familiar with them. We appreciate your co-operation as we work together to maintain a safe environment for every member of our school community.

Arrival at school

  • School begins at 8:50am
  • A warning bell is rung at 8:45am
  • When the warning bell sounds, children line up in their respective class lines in the COLA area
  • A final bell is rung at 8:50 am to indicate commencement of assembly – all students should be lined up
  • Children are considered to be late if they arrive after the conclusion of assembly and the classes have forwarded into their respective rooms
  • Late children must be accompanied by a parent to the school office and a ‘late arrival’ slip is to be completed by the parent
  • The student then proceeds to their classroom and presents the teacher with the ‘late arrival’ slip. Details of arrival time and partial absence are noted electronically in the class roll by the office staff.

Parents must not drop their children at the classroom after the bell.

Morning use of the Kiss and drop/Car park
All children being dropped off at school are to use the “kiss and drop” COLA area. A parent volunteer will open the car door and assist the students onto the playground. If you wish to park and come into the playground area, please use the car park beyond the netball court as this area is designated for staff parking only.

Children arriving by BUS wait under the COLA.

A teacher is on duty from 8am.


Afternoon Dismissal

  • Parents wishing to collect their child before the 3:00pm dismissal must notify the teacher in writing and collect the child from the office
  • The note must include the time the child will be collected and the reason for early collection
  • In an emergency - office staff will contact the teacher to indicate that the child needs to be collected early
  • The office staff will note the departure time and partial absence in the class roll

Parents should not collect children from the classroom.

In the afternoon, there are three ways students can go home:

  1. By bus - children walk with a teacher from their grade to the COLA and are supervised as they wait for the buses to arrive at the bus bay.
  2. Bus numbers are called over the microphone and students walk to the teacher and board the bus. No children are to be picked up by parents in this area. This duty concludes after the last bus has departed.
  3. Picked up by parents/guardians  - students can be picked up by their parents or guardians in person at 3pm. Parents are asked to wait in the amphitheatre if their child is in K-2 or the friendship garden if in Years 3-6.
  4. Car Pick Up – Students walk with a teacher from their grade to the COLA and are called to the car by their family name by a teacher on the microphone. They then walk to the teachers standing along the drive through waiting to assist them into the car. This duty concludes at 3:30pm. All remaining children are taken to the school office to wait for their parents.

The following are a few rules that all parents and children need to observe at the afternoon pickup to ensure the safety of our children and smooth operation:

  • The driver is not to get out of the car.
  • Children are to get into the car on the passenger side – they are not to go around the front or the back of the car to get in on the driver’s side. If this is a problem to any family then that parent will need to park and pick the child up.
  • Bags are to go in the cabin of the car with the child – not in the boot.

If you are picking your child up from the two classroom areas

and are running late your child will be taken to car pick up and will wait with

the teachers and students and are supervised until 3:30pm.

After this time, they will be escorted to the school office.

No child is to be asked to wait in an unsupervised area.

Student Management
At St Madeleine’s we do as Jesus would do by following the rules of respecting ourselves, others, learning and the environment.

We encourage responsible self-discipline. Various measures are adopted by classroom teachers to maintain a positive classroom climate. We endeavour always to adopt a “same side” approach based on mutual respect.

The principles on which we base our behaviour management practices demonstrate procedural fairness. We believe that procedural fairness is a basic right of all children when dealing with school authorities. We apply the ‘hearing rule’ and the ‘right to an unbiased decision’. At no time or for any reason is corporal punishment acceptable at St Madeleine’s.

If consequences are considered necessary for those who violate person or property, they should be reformative, directed towards altering attitudes and subsequent behaviour and should recognise the uniqueness, potential and dignity of each student, remembering Gospel values of forgiveness and hope.

School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) 2019 Applications Now Open

School student applications for 2019 open from Monday, 15 October 2018.


Students progressing to year 3 and year 7 do not need to re-apply if they:

  • are continuing at the same school
  • are residing at the same address
  • have not been sent an expiry notification from Transport for NSW.

Where a student meets the new distance eligibility, the system will automatically update their entitlement. If they do not meet the new eligibility, they will receive an expiry notification.


Students who have an entitlement approved under a medical condition which is due to expire will receive a notification advising them to re-apply.


Term Bus Pass holders will receive a notification to re-apply.


If students need to update their information or re-apply, they should go online to https://apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts/updateDetails


Applications need to be submitted before 31 December 2018 to ensure student entitlements are updated and their current entitlement/card is not cancelled. If their application is submitted after  31 December 2018, the system will automatically cancel a card and a new one will need to be issued.


Students in the Opal network applying for a SSTS or Term Bus Pass entitlement for the first time will receive their card at their nominated postal address. Cards will be mailed out during December 2018 and January 2019.


Students residing in Rural and Regional (R&R) areas should receive their travel pass at the commencement of the new school year from their nominated operator. Note: some R&R operators do not issue travel passes. Students should check with their operator for more information.


Please see the attached information regarding printed school travel brochures.


If school administrators require access to the school portal to endorse student applications, please request an account at https://appln.transport.nsw.gov.au/portal/requests/account/school


For further information visit https://apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts

KB: Alana Mouhayet & Amelia Kopps & James Bailey
KW: Hayley Trigger & Connor Mifsud
1B: Hugh Evans, Ellie Boston & Aidan Studders
1W: Alfie Manassen & Parsina Zendehdel & Joshua Peers
2B: Poppy O’Brien & Grace Bracken
2W: Max Miller & Molly Foxall
3B: Tyler Hili & Saniya Arnold
3W: Jack Morrison & Fabio Gregory
4B: David Soliman & Lee Coco
4W: Cooper Jones Gentle & Dominic Bruggeling
5B: Alessio Colasuonno & Ayva Reeves
5W: James Kenna & Sarah Sawaya
6B: Max Kuntze & Imogen Harmer
6W: Ryan Scott and Mikayla Hogan

Sport: Edward Noy (6W) & Maxwell Scarfone (KB)

Gymnastics Gala Day
On Friday 16th November, Sky Melrose and Bianka Jakovljevic competed in the Parramatta Diocesan Gymnastics Competition. This gala day was founded by Mr Robert Mullen a teacher in the Parramatta Diocese who sadly passed away in 2017. His legacy continues with over 250 students competing in this competition. The girls had a great day, scoring highly with golds and silvers. They made lots of new friends, had loads of fun and are looking forward to competing again next year.

Julia Morris
Sport Coordinator
St Madeleine's P&F Association Nomination & Election General Meeting

The Parents and Friends' Association Nomination and Election General Meeting will be held on Monday 3rd December at 7pm in the St Madeleine’s Primary School staffroom.


All positions will be declared vacant and nominations will be called for each of the following positions for the P & F Committee for 2019. Please consider taking up one of these roles to continue the work of building our community at St Madeleine’s.

    1.    President

    2.    Vice-President

    3.    Treasurer

    4.    Secretary

    5.    Assistant Secretary

    6.    Fund Raising Co-ordinator

    7.    Parent Co-ordinator

    8.    Kiss and Drop Coordinator


The Role Description for each of these positions is attached.

Please return the Nomination Form to me by Friday 30th November 2018.  Only those positions not nominated will be called for at the meeting. Please ensure that the person you nominate for any position is aware of the nomination.

Mrs Jeanette Black


Open Monday - Friday
To view canteen menu, please click here.
Manager: Catherine Mares
PH: 9654 6760

RECESS: 10:50am - 11:20am
LUNCH: 1:20pm - 2:00pm
Term 4, Week 7, 2018
Thurs 29/11 - Recess: Jodi Sakkal
Thurs 29/11 - Lunch: Jodi Sakkal
Fri 30/11 - Recess: Jen Jurukovski
Fri 30/11 - Lunch: Linda Circosta
Term 4, Week 8, 2018
Thurs 6/12 - Recess: Mel Keddie
Thurs 6/12 - Lunch: Mel Keddie
Fri 7/12 - Recess: Lisa Follows
Fri 27/12 - Lunch: Mari Gregory
Term 4, Week 7, 2018
Mon 26/11: Lucinda Musolino,
Erin Boffo
Tues 27/11: Liana Wall, Jodie Sakaal
Wed 28/11: Souad Khoudair,
Nicole Jakovljevic
Thurs 29/11: Maree McNeil
Leesa Angles-Corke
Fri 30/11: Tori Papalllo, Jasna Susnjara
Term 4, Week 8, 2018
Mon 3/12: Vanessa Abood,
Lousie MacNamara
Tues 4/12: Melissa Crema, Kelly Beckett
Wed 5/12: Andrew Howe, Renae Cole
Thurs 6/12: Eliane Nassif, Tracey
Fri 7/12: Angela Santleman, Simone Dahlen, Antoinette Saliba
Manager: Therese Harwanek
If you don’t have time to come to the uniform shop you can download an order form below or phone 9654 6761. Lost Property is located in the Library, please check for student belongings.

Last day of trading for Term 4
Tuesday 11 December, 2018 8.15am -10.15am

Re-opens Term 1, 2019

Tuesday 29 January, 2019 8.15am -10.15am

Email: stmadeleinesuniformshop@parra.catholic.edu.au
OPEN: Tuesdays 8:15am — 10:15am
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Parish & CEDP News
St Madeleine's Sophie Parish News

Parish Services:

Weekend Masses:
- Saturday 5.30pm (Eucharistic Adoration at 4:45),
- Sunday 8:00am, 10:00 am, 5.30pm
Children’s Liturgy
- 10am Mass during Term
Weekday Masses
-Tues - Fri 9:15 am
- Tues 9.30am at St Joseph Centre
Prayer Group
- Wednesdays after the 9.15 am Mass
- Saturdays 5.00pm
- Every 4th Sunday, 11:20, or during 10am Masses
- By appointment
Sacrament Coordinator
Sally Coppini MB: 0407 942 986

Parish Priest: Rev Vincent Savarimuthu
Parish Secretary: Lisa Echevarria

Address:  28 Annangrove Rd, Kenthurst 2156
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