Diary Dates:
Term 1, 2019

► Friday 8 February
Swimming Carnival

► Sunday 10 February
New Families Mass - 10am
► Tuesday 12 February

5W & 1W Mass 9:15am
► Friday 15 February
Morning Tea (Wellbeing) - 9am

► Monday 18 February

Hills Zone Swimming Carnival
► Friday 22 February
Diocesan Swimming Carnival

Every Week at
St Madeleine's

Choir Yr 2-6 - 8.15am

Ukulele/Guitar Club - 8:15am

Address: 28 Annangrove Rd, Kenthurst 2156
Phone: 9654 6751
Email: stmadeleines@parra.catholic.edu.au
Website: www.stmadeleineskenthurst.catholic.edu.au
Thursday 7 February, 2019 | Term 1, Week 2

Dear Parents and Friends,

It is wonderful to be back together again for another year of teaching and learning at St Madeleine’s. I know the teachers all appreciated meeting up with each student individually in the first two days to do the Maths Assessment Interview. They commented to me that it allows them to get to know the students quickly and that they are in a very good position to begin their Maths lessons targeting identified needs across the grade. Families also commented that it was great for their child, too, as it gave them an opportunity to come into the classroom on their own and get a feel for their new learning space.

I have been very impressed with the way teachers have begun challenging work from day 1. The children are all now well and truly back into the routines of the school week.  Our Kinder students, too,  have made a great start to the year and are very settled in their classrooms. Thankfully we are experiencing slightly cooler weather this week!

This year we welcome four new colleagues to our teaching team: Mrs Lisa Miceli (Year 4 Teacher), Mrs Kate Knight (Year 6 Teacher), Mrs Sarah Glettner (Health and Social Skills Teacher) and Ms Samantha Buttigieg (IT Support). We welcome these fine colleagues to the teaching team at St Madeleine’s.

Today the school gathered in our church for the Beginning School Mass and Father Vince welcomed the new Kinders and blessed the 2019 student leaders. We prayed that God would bless us all as we begin another year together. Father blessed the leadership badges and parents pinned the badges on their child. The student leaders proclaimed their pledge to be servant leaders and a witness to their Catholic faith in our community. I have no doubt that their parents were very proud of their fine son or daughter this morning.


Our Parent Information Evenings will be held in the week beginning Monday 18th February. Please make every effort to attend.  These meetings are an opportunity for you to meet the teachers and hear about the classroom program for the year. Please check the grade’s allocated times in this newsletter or on Skoolbag.

I understand some of our students have their brother or sister at Marian and parents may want to make sure that they catch the same bus home each afternoon. We have a system whereby Marian Catholic College siblings are able to apply for a St Madeleine’s Bus Bay Pass. The Marian Catholic College student keeps this small card in their wallet so that they can show any St Madeleine’s teacher on bus duty that they have permission to wait in our bus bay in the afternoons. Please email the school and let me know the name of your son or daughter from Marian College who needs a Bus Bay Pass.

 We aim to have our student attendance rate above 90% every week. If you are planning a holiday for the family or specialist medical appointments for your child, we ask that you consider the importance of every child every day and make every effort to schedule these holidays or appointments in the school holidays. If you do plan for your child to be away during school times for 5 days or more, then paperwork needs to be submitted to me. You can access these forms from the  Skoolbag App and website or you can email the school for paperwork to be sent home. Please note that if your child arrives after the bell, it is our responsibility to have a note, email or phone call from you explaining why your child is late. If you have not connected with the school, then you are to accompany your child to the office so the paperwork, required by law, can be complete. If we do not have this information then I will have to mark your child’s full or partial absence as “unjustified”. Thank you for your cooperation to ensure we are compliant in the important area of attendance.

If you intend to give your child a mobile phone, please collect an agreement from your child’s teacher or download one from the Skoolbag App so that together we are very clear about the appropriate use of the phone during the school day.

Choir, Ukulele and Dance groups will begin next week. Mrs Masters will be helping Mr Philip with Choir on Wednesday mornings and Mrs Masters will lead our Dancers during lunchtimes on Tuesday and Thursday whilst Mrs Stevenson will continue with Ukulele Club on Thursdays. We are fortunate to have these skilled teachers giving our students opportunities to develop skills in the Creative Arts. Please encourage your child to participate!  

Due to the extended wet weather delays towards the end of last year and the beginning of the new year, the carpark to the rear of the school is anticipated to be completed around mid Feb.  The same temporary car park configuration that was in place last year will continue accordingly and FAL will advise once the area will be ready for handover closer to the date (also pending the weather).


I met with the builders last week and they informed me that work will soon commence on the concrete path leading from the canteen area up to the roadway and also the covered pick up area to be built parallel to the internal roadway. There will be restricted access to this area for about five weeks. Thank you for understanding and patience as we continue to improve the buildings, grounds and facilities at St Madeleine’s.


I encourage all our families to attend the Welcome Disco and BBQ to be held on the school grounds on Friday 22nd February. The sausage sizzle BBQ will begin at 5.30pm and conclude at 7.30pm. BYO drinks and nibblies and come along to make a new friend or catch up with old friends.

It is important I give you ample opportunity to give me feedback about aspects of school life at St Madeleine’s and also to create opportunities for you to learn about what we do around here…. The first Morning Tea with me will be on Friday 15th February at 9am in the staffroom. Come and learn about our new Wellbeing Program commencing this year. I will have the program and student’s books for you to look through and we can discuss the importance of addressing social and emotional wellbeing with our students. I welcome your feedback on this and any other topic.

Wishing you all a wonderful start to the new school year!


Mrs Jeanette Black


The secret to navigating life well is to invite Jesus on board. The helm of life should be given to Him, so that He can direct the route.

Pope Francis@Pontifex

2019 School Fees

Dear Parents,

This letter outlines details of your school fees in 2019. You can also see information about 2019 school fees on the St Madeleine’s School web-site.


The Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) is committed to providing an affordable quality Catholic education for all families. They understand the financial demands placed on household budgets and do everything they can to keep fees as low as possible.

Diocesan policy states that no child who meets the enrolment criteria will be refused enrolment or disadvantaged because of a family’s financial circumstance.

Descriptions of school fees  ~

P&F Levy ~ $50

In lieu of major fundraising. We will still have our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls, our Sausage Sizzles at the Athletics carnival and other fun events that the children and families enjoy. This money is used to replace readers, technology and sports equipment. These are items that the students use every day throughout the year.


Resource Fee ~ $198

The teacher uses this money to purchase all the classroom books, stationery and resources needed for the year.


Activity Fee  Kinders - Year 2 ~ $198 ~ Includes the Swimming Program in Term 4.

                             Year 3 - Year 6   ~ $165

The Activity Fee covers excursions, incursions and events like the Australian Opera visit, Musica Viva and Motivate Sports for St Madeleine’s Day, the Athletics and Swimming Carnival, the Gymnastics Program and resources for the 2019/20 Social Skills Program.


Family Levy ~ $261 per family

The covers the maintenance of our extensive school site and grounds. We are fortunate to have beautiful grounds but this does come at significant cost each year.

This levy also supports the upkeep and / or replacement of major technology and equipment.


Year 5 Overnight Excursion ~ 2 nights to The Great Aussie Bush Camp - $327

Year 6 Overnight Excursions ~ Total = $390

                                                                  ~ one night to Canberra - $216 and

                                                                  ~ one night to Vision Valley - $174


In accordance with the Catholic Education Office Parramatta School Fee policy, all school Fees are due and payable within 28 days of the date of the School Invoice / Statement unless there has been payment arrangement i.e. flexible payment plan with the Catholic Education Office or an arrangement with the School.

Please be advised that regular late payment of your fees could affect your credit rating.

Parents unable to pay school fees because of financial difficulty or hardship are urged to contact me or Mrs Giacca (9654 6752) who will confidentially discuss options to assist you. It is important to keep communication open. We are here to help where we can.

Details of family’s financial circumstances remain strictly confidential to those authorised to access such information.  

Thanking you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


Wishing you and your children an excellent start to the 2019 school year.


Mrs Jeanette Black


Sunday 10 February 2019:

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C

Lk 5:1-11
A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke

They left everything and followed him.


Jesus was standing one day by the lake of Gennesaret, Gewith the crowd pressing round him listening to the word of God, when he caught sight of two boats close to the bank. The fishermen had gone out of them and were washing their nets. He got into one of the boats – it was Simon’s – and asked him to put out a little from the shore. Then he sat down and taught the crowds from the boat.


When he had finished speaking he said to Simon, ‘Put out into deep water and pay out your nets for a catch.’ ‘Master,’ Simon replied ‘we worked hard all night long and caught nothing, but if you say so, I will pay out the nets.’ And when they had done this they netted such a huge number of fish that their nets began to tear, so they signalled to their companions in the other boat to come and help them; when these came, they filled the two boats to sinking point.

When Simon Peter saw this he fell at the knees of Jesus saying, ‘Leave me Lord; I am a sinful man.’ For he and all his companions were completely overcome by the catch they had made; so also were James and John, sons of Zebedee, who were Simon’s partners. But Jesus said to Simon, ‘Do not be afraid; from now on it is men you will catch.’ Then, bringing their boats back to land, they left everything and followed him.

Celebrations on the Horizon:
Please mark these dates on your calendar:

  • 02/03 Yr 6 & Kindergarten Weekend Parish Mass 5:30pm
  • 06/03 Ash Wednesday Yrs 3 - 6 Mass 9:15am
  • 06/03 Ash Wednesday K - 2 Liturgy 11:30am

Mass Roster, Term 1

The Mass roster is included on the parent calendar only. This can be accessed via the school website or the Skoolbag app. All parents are invited to join us in celebrating Parish Mass at 9:15am.


Please note that occasionally changes in the Mass roster may occur. We appreciate your understanding.

Kathy Fisher
Religious Education Coordinator

Mathematics - Steps to increase your child’s mathematical achievement at school


Parents have the opportunity to make a huge difference in their children’s mathematical lives. One of the biggest myths in regards to mathematical learning, is that only some children can be successful at maths, you’re either good at it or your not. In fact research shows, that everyone has the capacity to achieve in mathematics, given the right opportunities and support.
Jo Boaler a professor of mathematics from Stanford University, outlines multiple steps to assist parents in supporting their child’s mathematical development and make maths learning enjoyable.
  1. Never praise children by telling them they are “smart” - when children are told they are smart they often feel good, however, when they fail in another situation it can cause them to think they are not so smart. Always praise children for what they have done eg. “It is wonderful that you have learned how to add numbers”. Children need to understand that hard work leads to high achievement.
  2. Praise mistakes - research shows that our brain develops when we make mistakes, so errors in mathematics are great opportunities for learning and should be welcomed. When children answer questions wrong, try and find the logic behind their thinking.
  3. Challenging problems - children need opportunities to engage in productive struggle and take risks in mathematics. We want to eliminate the fear of failure and make children feel comfortable with some level of challenge.
  4. Don’t help your child through problems step by step - when parents do this we are doing the thinking for the child. Instead we can prompt them to draw or restate the problem to clarify understanding. We don’t want to lower the cognitive demand of the problem when helping children. This leads to dependency and missed opportunities to engage in deep thinking. When challenge is reduced students are “roaming the known”.
  5. Encourage drawing - mathematicians sketch problems all the time as it helps them really see mathematical ideas. Drawing and re-stating problems greatly assists children in understanding problems.
  6. Never time children or encourage faster work - don’t use flash cards or timed tests, as these have been shown to produce maths anxiety in children. Maths facts are held in the working memory part of the brain and scientists have found that when people are stressed, their working memory becomes blocked, preventing recall. We want children to think deeply when solving problems and this can take time.
Jodi Jefferson
Assistant Principal

The Curriculum Overviews give an insight into the learning that is taking place throughout Term 1 for each grade. If you would like to find out more about your child’s units in each Key Learning Area, you can access the Curriculum Overviews from the school’s website.

From the home page select the Learning tab and choose Key Learning Areas, on the drop down menu. Click on this and scroll down and you will see the Curriculum Overviews.



If you need any help navigating your way class teachers will be happy to assist with this.

2019 Swimming Carnival - Friday 8 February


Please find below the 2019 Swimming Carnival Programme. Swimming Carnival Presentations for Age Champions and Overall Junior/Senior Champions will be held on Monday 11th February at 8.50am on the netball court during the morning assembly.
Julia Morris
Sport Coordinator


Leave school by bus


Assemble at pool in colour teams


Welcome and first call


Event 1-4

100m Freestyle

Junior, Senior




Event 5-16

50m Freestyle

8,9,10,11,12 yrs




Event 17-26

50m Backstroke

8,9,10,11,12 yrs




25m Freestyle

8,9,10,11,12 yrs




25m Backstroke

8,9,10,11,12 yrs




25m Breaststroke





Event 27-36

50m Breaststroke

8,9,10,11,12 yrs




Event 37-42

50m Butterfly

Jun,11,12 yrs




Event 43-46

200m Individual Medley

Junior, Senior







Event 47

Event 48

4 x 50m Freestyle Relays


Parent Relay

Jnr, Snr

Time permitting




Clean Up


Buses return to school

Times are a guide only and are subject to change at Convenors discretion

Here is your chance to run a lap of Sydney Motorsport Park, get up close and personal with the animals at the new Sydney Zoo and meander through Sydney’s Biggest Backyard.


RunWest is a new Sydney running festival to be held on SUNDAY 31st MARCH. We are hoping to gather plenty of St Madeleine’s community members to participate in either the 4km Family Run or the 12km Fun Run.


For every entrant that selects “St Madeleine’s” when completing the entry form, our school will receive 30% of the entry fee back as a donation.


Entrants will receive a free pass to the new Sydney Zoo and a finishers medal for all your hard work.


Visit http://www.runthewest.com.au/ for further information and to register.


Remember to select ‘ School Community Fundraiser – Catholic Education’ then ‘St Madeleine’s’.


Mrs Keenan

PE Teacher

School Opal Card


As part of our campaign against fare evasion, and our on-going commitment to provide the level of service needed to transport students to and from your school, Busways conducts regular checks of School Opal card.

All students must be in possession of a valid Opal card or pay a fare.

Students in possession of an Opal card must also tap on/off with their card when boarding our buses.

This is important, because the Opal data collected determines the level of service we are able to provide to your school. If students don’t tap on and off, the services will appear underutilised and may be considered for cancellation based on low passenger numbers.
To apply for a School Opal card or to report a lost or stolen card, go on-line to www.opal.com.au/en/about-opal/opal-for-school-students/

Students who are ineligible for School Opal will need to purchase a Child/Youth Opal card or pay a fare to travel on our buses.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and support.


TSA Band Program to commence on Friday 15th February unless the swimming carnival is cancelled.

Parents should have received direct email communication from the Band Director, Lucia Bichara.

Due to the Swimming Carnival, the Canteen WILL BE CLOSED – Friday 8 February, 2019.

Please note that Sushi will no longer be available from the School Canteen.


Just a reminder that you will need to edit your Munch Monitor account and update your child’s homeroom to their new 2019 class.


* Please do this as soon as possible so your child’s lunch goes to the correct class.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


THUR recess & lunch - Mel Keddie
FRI recess & lunch - Mari Gregory
THUR recess & lunch - Jodi Sakkal
FRI recess - Jen Jurukovski 
FRI lunch - Linda Circosta
If there are any parents who are interested in helping us out in the Canteen during recess or lunch, please contact Catherine directly in the canteen.
Your help is greatly appreciated!

Open Monday - Friday  |  Ph: 9654 6760  |  Canteen Manager:
Catherine Mares  
To view canteen menu, please click here.

 Kiss & Drop Coordinator: Mrs Melissa Crema
Email: melissa.adventures@gmail.com Mobile: 0449 882 348

FRI 8/2: Tori Papallo, Jasna Susanjara

MON 18/2: Leanne Kuntz, Erin Boffo
TUES 19/2: Liana Wall, Jodie Sakkal
WED20/2: Andrew Howe, Melissa Crema
THUR 22/2: Sarah Scott
FRI 23/2: Michelle Bonnacordo, Melanie Bracken

MON 11/2: Louise McNamara, Simone Eltobaji
TUES 12/2: Melissa Crema, Kelly Beckett
WED 13/2: Tracey Cauchi, Leesa Angels-Corke
THUR 14/2: Eliane Nassif
FRI 15/2: Vanessa Gioiello, Melissa Murdocca

New Forms for ALL Volunteers & Contractors


Building Child Safe Communities’ is a new initiative developed by Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta that enhances our commitment to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all students in our care. It is now a requirement that all volunteers and contractors complete an online undertaking form that confirms expectations in relation to behaviour whilst volunteering or contracting at schools, Catholic Out of Schools Hours Care and Catholic Early Learning Centres. This undertaking form also seeks to determine the suitability of volunteers and contractors by requiring them to declare that they do not have a criminal history involving children.

Then click on ‘ Volunteer Form’ (halfway down page).


You will receive a confirmation email once the form has been submitted. Your details are maintained confidentially in a central database and a copy of your confirmation is emailed to the location where you are volunteering.

Then click on ‘ Contractor Form’ (bottom of page).


You will receive a confirmation email once the form has been submitted. Your details are maintained confidentially in a central database and a copy of your confirmation is emailed to the location where you are contracting.


A new form is required:

  • For each location that you are a volunteer or contractor
  • If any of the details you have provided on the form change

We thank all volunteers and contractors for their continued support of Catholic Education.



A reminder that we have several children at St Madeleine’s who are at risk of suffering a severe allergic reaction (Anaphylactic Shock) if exposed to eggs, nuts, horse hair and other allergies. In order to help the school to manage allergies and to ensure that we provide our best duty of care, we would appreciate your co-operation in thinking about what food you send to school with your children.


In addition, we have a student in kindergarten who is severely anaphylactic to gluten. Could you please discuss with your child the importance of not sharing food at school, particularly with the kindergarten children who are still learning about school procedures. Students have been made aware of this child,  however, your support in discussing this matter with your children would be greatly appreciated.

Approaching the School & Complaint Handling


At St Madeleine’s Primary School, the dignity of each person is valued and the rights of all members of our community are respected. From time to time concerns may arise or parents of the school community may need to approach the school in order to:

• Discuss the progress or welfare of own child

• Express concern about actions of other students

• Enquire about school policy or practice

• Express concern about actions of staff

• Express concerns about actions of another parent

It is therefore necessary to have procedures that will help solve problems as soon as possible so that a safe and harmonious school environment is maintained. The best results usually flow from working together.

These guidelines aim to:

  • Provide a guide in order that concerns are dealt with in an open and fair manner.
  • Ensure that the rights of students, teachers and parents are respected and upheld.
  • Support sensitivity and confidentiality.
  • Help reach an agreed solution

On occasion, concerns may cause frustration and anxiety. At such times it is always important to organise a time to talk with school staff in an unhurried and confidential atmosphere. NB: No parent should directly approach another person’s child. The school will deal with issues between students as part of the school’s Student Management and Pastoral Care Policies. 


The academic progress of own child


Directly contact the child’s teacher either by note, by phone or in person to arrange a suitable time to discuss any issues.

The welfare of own child

For minor issues directly contact your child’s teacher to clarify information.

For more serious concerns, contact office. State nature of concern and arrange a suitable time to talk with class teacher or appropriate staff member.

To convey information about change of address, telephone number, emergency contact, custody details, health issues etc please contact the office.

Actions of other students

Contact the class teacher for a classroom or playground problem.

Please note: It is against the law (Section 60E) of the Crimes Act to approach any other person’s child at school. The offence committed by a parent approaching a child is intimidation.

School policy or practice

Contact office state nature of concern and make an appointment to see the Principal and/or appropriate member of staff.

Actions of a staff member

Contact the office and state concerns to the principal.

Arrange to meet directly with the principal and staff member concerned.

Actions of a parent

Contact the office and state concerns to the principal.

Arrange to meet directly with the principal.


If at any stage you feel you are not satisfied with the solutions offered or believe you have not been given a fair hearing or your feel your concern has not been addressed to your satisfaction, then you are encouraged to make an appointment with the Assistant Principal or Principal to discuss the issues further.

If the matter is not resolved by the school Leadership Team, parents will be offered the phone number to contact the Catholic Education Office.

The recommended procedure for students is:

  • If issues arise in the classroom students are encouraged to speak to their class teacher in order to
  • seek assistance in finding a resolution.
  • Children encountering problems on the playground are asked to follow the “What to do if someone
  • is annoying me” procedure and if they continue to have problems they are instructed to then talk to
  • the teacher on duty at the time of the incident. If they believe that their concern has not been
  • adequately addressed they are encouraged to speak to their class teacher.
  • Children have the right at all times to speak to the Principal, Assistant Principal or any other staff
  • member about issues, complaints or grievances they might have.


Code of Conduct for Parents/Visitors

A code of conduct for parents and visitors ensures that everyone who visits the school site is able to do so in a safe and harmonious manner and to ensure that students, staff, parents and other visitors are not subjected to aggressive or hostile behaviours.

Parents and visitors are expected to:

  • Treat all persons associated with the school with respect and courtesy
  • Ensure their child/children are punctual to class
  • Make appointments in advance of expecting to obtain an interview
  • Discuss issues or concerns about the school, staff, students or parents through the correct procedures
  • Follow school procedures governing entry either at drive through or arriving after classes have commenced or leaving before the school day has finished.

We are very fortunate that our school community is very aware of the need to communicate effectively and appropriately to always maintain a safe and happy learning environment for all members of our school community.

Manager: Therese Harwanek
If you don’t have time to come to the uniform shop you can download an order form below or phone 9654 6761. Lost Property is located in the Library, please check for student belongings.

Uniform Shop re-opens Term 1, 2019

Tuesday 29 January, 2019 8.15am -10.15am

Email: stmadeleinesuniformshop@parra.catholic.edu.au
OPEN: Tuesdays 8:15am — 10:15am
To view the uniform shop order form click here.
Come Play Netball at Glenhaven

Glenhaven Netball club are looking for U7’s (Born 2012) and U8’s (Born 2011) players to join us on the courts.

Games are on Friday nights 6.30pm and 7.20pm at Kellyville Netball Courts.
Individuals and friend requests welcome. 

Parents are able to organise their own team of friends to play together. 
We also run our NetSetGO Skills program for 5-6 yr olds, which runs over 10 weeks on a Friday afternoon at 4pm at Kellyville Netball Courts starting in Term 2.

Please contact our Registrar for details on how to register.
Parish & CEDP News
St Madeleine's Sophie Parish News

Parish Services:

Weekend Masses:
- Saturday 5.30pm (Eucharistic Adoration at 4:45),
- Sunday 8:00am, 10:00 am, 5.30pm
Children’s Liturgy
- 10am Mass during Term
Weekday Masses
-Tues - Fri 9:15 am
- Tues 9.30am at St Joseph Centre
Prayer Group
- Wednesdays after the 9.15 am Mass
- Saturdays 5.00pm
- Every 4th Sunday, 11:20, or during 10am Masses
- By appointment
Sacrament Coordinator
Sally Coppini MB: 0407 942 986

Parish Priest: Rev Vincent Savarimuthu
Parish Secretary: Lisa Echevarria

Address:  28 Annangrove Rd, Kenthurst 2156
Phone: 9654 2260
Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday 9am - 4pm
Email:  stmads@yahoo.com.au
Website:  http://stmadeleine.org.au/

28 Annangrove Rd, Kenthurst, NSW 2156

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