Diary Dates:
Term 1, 2019

► Friday 5 April

Year 6 Mass 9:15am

► Sunday 7 April

End of Daylight Savings

► Tuesday 9 April

Reconciliation for
Confirmation Candidates
Uniform Shop
CLOSED for Stocktake

► Thursday 11 April

Easter Liturgy 9:15am

► Friday 12 April

Term 1 Concludes

► Monday 29 April

Staff Development Day

► Tuesday 30 April

Term 2 Begins
(Winter Uniform)


Address: 28 Annangrove Rd, Kenthurst 2156
Phone: 9654 6751
Email: stmadeleines@parra.catholic.edu.au
Website: www.stmadeleineskenthurst.catholic.edu.au
Thursday 4 April, 2019 | Term 1, Week 10

Dear Parents and Friends,

Term One is quickly drawing to a close and it is an opportunity to consider all the outstanding work that has been achieved this term. Our teachers are unrelenting in their work to improve the learning outcomes of all students in the class. We meet regularly to discuss student progress and teaching strategies. Mrs Jefferson has worked alongside teachers throughout the term and has engaged in the learning process with each teacher. Teaching is a complex and difficult job, but one of the best and most rewarding jobs there is. You may recall a teacher who inspired you and helped shape who you are today. We recognise the importance of the work we do ~ working with your precious children ~ the hearts and minds of our future.  We will also be welcoming six new families to St Madeleine’s in Term 2. Please look out for these new families and take the time to welcome them to our inclusive Catholic community when you get the opportunity.


Next week you will receive a set of Raffle Tickets. These tickets are from the Parish and are a fundraiser for the new church. The Parish has also planned a Dinner Dance at Oatlands House on Friday 17th May. Please support the Parish as they continue their good work of building the new church and also the community of St Madeleine’s. The Dinner Dance Flyer is included in this newsletter.


I take this opportunity to inform families that we have made some changes to the school owned and operated Uniform Shop.  We anticipate The School Locker will be in place in the first week of Term 2. In consultation with CEDP we have decided to outsource the shop to be overseen by a company called The School Locker (TSL). The School Locker is a division of Harvey Norman and already has a presence within many schools in the diocese.


The shop will continue in its current location and will stock all our items of clothing but will also extend its range to include stationery, musical equipment, sporting equipment / clothing / resources, technology goods and other school essential items. A comprehensive catalogue and online link will become available to the community soon.


Prices and quality will remain comparable and of a high standard and purchases will not only be via the school shop direct, but also through online options / payments as well.


The trading days and hours of operation of the school shop will be  Tuesdays - 8am to 11.00am. The Uniform Shop Manager will be Ms Marney Roberts. Marney is looking forward to looking after us here at St Madeleine’s very well! Please call in early next term and introduce yourself to her.


All families will be issued with a student Advantage Card when visiting the uniform shop. This card unlocks educational pricing and exclusive offers to all families over a variety of categories such as footwear, technology, music, sports and stationery. Rental options are available for technology and music purchases.

The School Locker web site is www.theschoollocker.com.au. This link will be available when logging on to the St Madeleine’s school’s website ASAP. Information will be sent home next week with all the details on a flyer.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our current Uniform Shop manager Mrs Therese Harwanek for her dedication and hard work over the last couple of years and wish her well in her future endeavours.


School Locker will not be purchasing all items in our Uniform Shop and so we will be able to offer some items to you at a reduced rate so that we can clear the stock. We will let you know what we have available for sale early next term.

Second Hand Uniforms

The school  (and TSL) will no longer sell second hand uniforms. Should you wish to sell items of second hand clothing please go to www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au.


Should you wish to donate your second hand uniforms to the school, your items will be donated to families in need. Please bring them to the Reception in the Admin building.


I am looking forward to having the significant funds that were sitting on shelves as uniform stock now able to be utilised for classroom programs and/or upgrades for grounds and facilities at St Madeleine’s.


With so many students requesting to be in the Bus Bay with their St Madeleine’s siblings we have decided that this opportunity will only be available for the siblings K-4. Our students in Years 5 and 6 should be able to know which bus to catch in order to get home safely. We now have the COLA pass that can be given to any Marian student who would like to wait under the St Madeleine’s COLA to be picked up in the afternoon. Please email the office so that the COLA pass can be given to your child.

Wishing you all a wonderful week and a very happy Easter holidays with your family.


Mrs Jeanette Black


"May Christ who conquered the darkness of sin and death,
grant us peace in our days.

Pope Francis@Pontifex

Every Learner Every Day                   
Attendance rate to date is

Our community believes that every day counts for every child.

Our attendance levels are recorded below. Our target is for at least 90% attendance and you will note that two out of seven reached over this target over the past fortnight. It is important to know that your children must be at school and inside the classroom before 9am in order for you and them not to have to go to the office for a late note.

Scholastic Year

School Year Attendance Level

Scholastic Year

School Year Attendance Level
















School Zones

A reminder to all our parents ahead of the school holidays at the end of Term 1 that school zones remain in place for the safety of our children and their families.

School zones operate on all gazetted school days, which are all days the school is open, even our first day back next term which is a Pupil Free Day.

Research has shown that parents treat their boys and girls differently right from infancy.

For example, infant boys are touched more frequently and handled more roughly before the age of three months. Also physical punishment is applied more significantly for boys than girls in many Western countries. This is despite the fact that research also shows boys are more vulnerable and fragile.

Why do we do this?

The stereotypical belief that the only way to get boys to do the right thing is by shaming them, hurting them or being hard on them needs to be challenged every day because it is so deeply embedded into our society’s psychology. The scars this creates in early childhood fester deep inside and are often the source of futureirrational rage and aggression.

This does not mean we do not discipline our boys or make them accountable for their choices and mistakes. It means we need to consciously choose the same warm discipline and communication that we tend to use around girls. We need to take much better care of our little boys — emotionally, psychologically, physically and socially. We need to stop shouting at them, hitting them, shaming them and speaking harshly to them (“Grow up!”, “Be a man”, “What’s wrong with you?”).

Communication for resilience building

We need to make it acceptable for boys and men to express feelings other than anger and this starts with how we speak to them day-to-day.

A good (generalised) example is how some people might respond if a child falls over. When a boy falls, he may be told by someone influenced by the old code: “You’re right mate, up you get.” A girl who’s fallen on the other hand may be greeted with: “Oh no sweetheart, are you OK? Come here. Let me make it better.” And offered a cuddle.

My issue with either approach is that neither child is being offered the opportunity to build resilience. The boy is being told he mustn’t feel anything and not to take pause at all — just get up and move on. The girl is being disempowered as it’s assumed she cannot pick herself up and brush herself off, but rather she needs help to bounce back from this hurdle. A more resilience-building response may be to say to either child: “Oops, you fell over. Are you ok or do you need my help?”

It’s a subtle difference in communication but the message our children get is that we expect that they are capable, their feelings are welcome (but not dictated to them) and we are here for them if they need us.

The trouble with boys

It seems when it comes to getting in trouble that our boys fare much worse than our girls. One reason for this may be because boys seem to be naturally more impulsive than girls from a young age and this can lead to them being poor decision-makers.

Michael Gurian, author of Saving Our Sons (Gurian Institute Press, 2017), writes about how males and females tend to process emotion differently in the brain. He writes that males tend to move emotions very quickly from their brains into their bodies. They also tend to sense the emotion but then shift it to areas of the brain that will work to solve the problem causing the emotion.

Females, on the other hand, tend to quickly shift emotions into the brain’s limbic system and to the ‘word centres’ of the brain. This could explain why many girls — not all, but a significant proportion — will tend to ‘talk it out’ when they have an issue but boys may be more likely to spring into action, and have a physical response, hurting someone or something in the process.

It is our responsibility to help our sons realise that they need to respect those around them when they are making these decisions.

A good starting point is for every family to implement the ‘three rules’: 1. try not to hurt yourself; 2. try not to hurt others; and 3. try not to damage things in the world around you … this sets an expectation for everyone in the household.

Finally, when boys muck up…
  • Try to see the world through his eyes and practise responding, not just reacting.
  • Allow him time to cool down and process the situation.
  • Gently ask what was his intention?
  • Help with work out which of the three rules he broke and what other choices he might have made.
  • Forgive him for making a poor choice.
  • Reassure him you still love him — ‘showing’ rather than ‘saying’.

Above all, our boys need us (especially we mums) to be firm, fair and fun, and to reassure them we love them unconditionally — no matter what poor choice they may have made.

Sunday 7 April 2019: Fifth Sunday of Lent - Year C

Jn 8:1-11
A reading from the holy Gospel according to John

Let the person without sin be the first to throw a stone.


Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. At daybreak he appeared in the Temple again; and as all the people came to him, he sat down and began to teach them.

The scribes and Pharisees brought a woman along who had been caught committing adultery; and making her stand there in full view of everybody, they said to Jesus, ‘Master, this woman was caught in the very act of committing adultery, and Moses has ordered us in the Law to condemn women like this to death by stoning. What have you to say?’ They asked him this as a test, looking for something to use against him. But Jesus bent down and started writing on the ground with his finger. As they persisted with their question, he looked up and said, ‘If there is one of you who has not sinned, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.’ Then he bent down and wrote on the ground again. When they heard this they went away one by one, beginning with the eldest, until Jesus was left alone with the woman, who remained standing there. He looked up and said, ‘Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?’ ‘No one, sir,’ she replied. ‘Neither do I condemn you,’ said Jesus ‘go away, and don’t sin anymore.’

Sunday 14 April 2019:

Palm Sunday of the Passion of The Lord - Year C

Palm Sunday is the final Sunday of Lent, the beginning of Holy Week, and commemorates the triumphant arrival of Christ in Jerusalem, days before he was crucified.


Palm Sunday is known as such because the faithful will often receive palm fronds, which they use to participate in the re-enactment of Christ's arrival in Jerusalem. In the Gospels, Jesus entered Jerusalem riding a young donkey, and to the lavish praise of the townspeople who threw clothes, or possibly palms or small branches, in front of him as a sign of homage. This was a customary practice for people of great respect.

Almighty and ever living God,
in your tender love for the human race
you sent your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ
to take upon him our nature,
and to suffer death upon the cross,
giving us the example of his great humility.
Mercifully, grant that we may walk in the way of his suffering,
and also share in his resurrection;
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.


Mass Roster, Term 1

The Mass roster is included on the parent calendar only. This can be accessed via the school website or the Skoolbag app. All parents are invited to join us in celebrating Parish Mass at 9:15am.


Please note that occasionally changes in the Mass roster may occur. We appreciate your understanding.

Sacrament of Confirmation
Please pray for our children in this time of preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Project Compassion Week 3 - Bangladesh

Salma lives with her husband, Masud, in the rural community of Gazipur, two hours from Bangladesh’s bustling capital.


She was just 18 years old, pregnant and fearful for her life and that of her unborn child, when she featured in Project Compassion 2013.

In Bangladesh, maternal and infant mortality rates are still tragically high. During her first pregnancy, Salma was very sick, she experienced abdominal pain and couldn’t eat. She sought the help of a

midwife called Pronoti, trained by Caritas Australia’s Safe Motherhood Program.


Pronoti helped Salma safely through two pregnancies, thanks to her comprehensive training in midwifery, antenatal and postnatal care.


The program has reduced maternal and infant mortality in the area by almost 70 percent. Over 400 women have been trained in midwifery since 2008 – and they have given over 28,000 women antenatal checkups and delivered more than 15,000 babies.

Now 24, Salma smiles as she watches her one-year-old boy and six-year-old daughter play together. She is pleased that they are growing up strong and can focus on their hopes for the future.

“If the Safe Motherhood Program had not trained midwives like Pronoti, many of us would have to go to the private clinics 11 kilometres away,” Salma says. “Some of us women and our babies might die because of that.”

“We are poor and so it is easy to get discouraged about the future. However, if we have hope, we have the courage to try and do things that seem difficult or impossible at the time.”


Please give generously to Project Compassion.

Kathy Fisher
Religious Education Coordinator

St Madeleine’s Mother’s Day / Pink Day Celebration will be held on Friday 10 May.


To celebrate Mother's Day, we will be creating a movie of mums with their child/ children in our community. Please upload one photograph only of mums with their child/ children using the following link by Thursday 11th April.




Students will be invited to bring a pink shirt to school to wear for the picnic lunch and liturgy. This can be worn over the top of the uniform.


All our guests are also invited to wear something pink to celebrate the occasion.


Further information regarding this event will be shared soon.

What a Term! Such a fantastic start to the year in Wellbeing.

The students have all enjoyed the learning that has been happening in Wellbeing this Term. We have covered a broad array of skills that will enhance their understanding of themselves and their interactions with the world. These integral skills teach the students how to be the best version of themselves as they grow and develop into successful people.

I am looking forward to continuing to teach these skills next Term and build on what we have learnt so far.

It is important that as a community that we all teach these skills to our children - at home, school and in the broader community. Spend some time practising these skills with your children and keep in mind that these are the skills they will draw on in the future as they make decisions and face both celebrations and adversity. Strong mental health and a strong sense of well-being is something we can all benefit from.

Enjoy the holidays with your children.

Sarah Glettner
Health and Wellbeing Teacher

Years Kindergarten, 1 & 2:

In week 8 we learnt about being mindful. Mindfulness is a skill that needs to be practised. It’s when you block out all distractions and focus on one thing. What a challenge!


Week 10 was all about looking at the strengths of others. When we know the strengths of others, we know who we can go to when we need help for different things.

Years 3 & 4 

Last week in Stage 2, we discussed our own strengths. Understanding our strengths can allow us to help others and share this gift.


In week 10 we discussed the skill of reflection. When we reflect on our week it helps us to see what was good and not so good so we can celebrate or learn from this.

Years 5 & 6

To start our fortnight in Wellbeing, Stage 3 explored Dr Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences. Dr Gardner believes that we are all intelligent in different ways. We might demonstrate intelligence  in music, nature, relationships with others, or understanding mathematics. Realising our intelligences in different aspects helps us form a better understanding of our identity.


Week 10 was all about strengths and limitations. Understanding our strengths and limitations also helps us understand our identity.



Congratulations to Copper Fradd who trialled on Tuesday and made it into the Parramatta Diocese Team for Rugby League to play at the Mackillop Trials to be held on 10 May.

NSW Catholic Primary Schools Swimming Carnival


Last Wednesday, 6 students represented the Parramatta Diocese at the NSW Catholic Primary School Swimming Championships at Homebush Olympic Swimming Pool. This is a very difficult meet as it is all Catholic Primary Schools in the whole state of NSW. I am sure we saw some future Olympians in the pool. Our students swum with force and achieved excellent results. I was so proud of the way they conducted themselves and represented not only our school but also the Parramatta Diocese both in and out of the pool. Here are the results.


Flynn Morris - 9 Year Boys - 50m Freestyle (12th)

Emily Knight - 11 Year Girls - 100m Freestyle (16th)
Emily Knight - 11 Year Girls - 50m Freestyle (7th)
Emily Knight - 11 Year Girls - 50m Backstroke (8th)
Emily Knight - 11 Year Girls - 50m Breaststroke (16th)
Emily Knight - 11 Year Girls - 50m Butterfly (3rd)
Emily Knight - 11 Year Girls - 200m Individual Medley (14th)


Riley Cheers - 11 Year Boys - 50m Butterfly (9th)

Grace Liddle - Senior Girls - 50m Freestyle (16th)
Grace Liddle - Senior Girls - 50m Butterfly (14th)


Senior Girls Relay – Grace Liddle, Alessia Cauchi, Mikayla Muscat, Emily Knight (15th)

Congratulations on an excellent effort. We are all very proud of you!


Emily will represent the Mackillop Team in the NSWPSSA Championships on Thursday 11th April in the 50m Butterfly. We wish you the very best of luck and look forward to hearing your results.

Julia Morris

Sport Coordinator
KB: Poppy Gilbertson & Alexander Mair
KW: Sophia Hibbert & Cooper Gerzanics
1B: Sophie Craft & Darcy Guy
1W: Hayley Trigger, Brayden Ayers & Daniel Cheers
2B: Indyanna Armit & Alexander W
2W: Sachin Hudson & Grace Commisso
3B: Flynn Morris  & Poppy O’Brien
3W: Cruz Armit & Eve Daley
4B; Oliver Peers & Saniya Arnold
4W: Maximus Papageorgiou & Amelie Nash

Rory Jabre & Grace Ferris
5W: Cooper Palmer & Isla Austin- Smith
6B: Cillian Miller & Imogen Weekes
6W: Mikayla Bechara & Archie Manassen
Social Skills: Tom Treak & Charlie Sheehan
Sport: Rose Bonello & Lily Zahra

School Fees were due 29 March, 2019 

Thank you to those families that have already paid their Instalment 1 (Term 1) school fees. It’s much appreciated.

Just a reminder that in accordance with the Catholic Education Office Parramatta School Fee policy, all school Fees are due and payable within 28 days of the date of the School Invoice / Statement unless there has been payment arrangement i.e. flexible payment plan with the Catholic Education Office or an arrangement with the School.

Please be advised that regular late payment of your fees could affect your credit rating.

Parents unable to pay school fees because of financial difficulty or hardship are urged to contact Mrs Black or Mrs Giacca (9654 6752) who will confidentially discuss options to assist you. It is important to keep communication open. We are here to help where we can.

Details of family’s financial circumstances remain strictly confidential to those authorised to access such information.  

Thanking you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.  


If there are any parents who are interested in helping us out in the Canteen during recess or lunch, please contact Catherine directly in the canteen.

Open Monday - Friday | Ph: 9654 6760
Canteen Manager:
Catherine Mares  |  Email:  Cath.M5@bigpond.com 
To view canteen menu, please click here.

Hello Volunteers!

Thank you to all the generous parents and carers who volunteered to be part of the Kiss and Drop roster after the information evenings. Below is the roster for weeks 9 & 10. As a reminder, volunteers are expected to be in the K&D area from 8:30am. Look for the safety vests if supplied, and if you need to remind a driver of the process, please have a friendly, brief chat!

Kiss & Drop Coordinator: Mrs Melissa Crema
Email: melissa.adventures@gmail.com Mobile: 0449 882 348

Monday 8/4 -
Vanessa Abood, Leanne Kuntze
Tuesday 9/4 - Liana Wall, Jodie Sakkal
Wednesday 10/4 - Andrew Howe, Senena Bragg
Thursday 11/4 - Giuliana Khalil, Sarah Scott
Friday 12/4 - Fiona Knight, Simone Eltobaji

Infectious Diseases

Principals must consult with the Public Health Unit about children not immunised during an outbreak of vaccine-preventable diseases including whether a child is to be excluded from school and for what duration.

Parents/Guardians are required to:

Inform the school immediately if their child is diagnosed with any Infectious diseases or have been in contact with an infected person.

Comply with recommended periods of exclusion as determined by the school Principal in consultation with the Public Health Unit for e.g. Diphtheria, Mumps, Poliomyelitis, Haemophilus influenza Type B (Hib), Measles, Tetanus, Chicken Pox, Meningococcal Disease, Rubella (“German measles”), Pertussis (“whooping cough”), Head Lice, Parvovirus (Slap Cheek), Impetigo (School sores), Threadworms, Gastroenteritis, Glandular Fever, Molluscum Contagiosum, Conjunctivitis, Scarlet Fever, Hepatitis A


Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying

At St Madeleine’s Primary School, we aim to provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Each member of our community has the right to feel safe, happy and valued. The school has a responsibility to take reasonable steps to prevent and address Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying in line with the CEDP Anti-bullying policy.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is repeated incidents involving:

 • a bigger, stronger or more powerful child on a smaller or weaker child, or

 • a group of children on a single child

These might be:

 • Verbal: the child is called names, put down, threatened.

 • Physical: the child is hit, tripped, poked, kicked, or belongings are stolen or damaged.

 • Social: the child is left out, ignored, or rumours are spread.

 • Psychological: the child is stalked or given dirty looks.

Bullying is different from teasing, rough-and-tumble or schoolyard fights. What makes it different is that the incidents are ongoing, and there is usually an imbalance of size, strength and power between the children involved.


If you bully someone else….

 • You will be expected to stop it immediately.

 • The Principal or Assistant Principal will be informed of your behaviour.

 • An appropriate consequence will be given.

 • Your parents will be informed.

 • Your behaviour will be monitored.

 • You will be assisted with changing your pattern of behaviour.

If you are being bullied……

What to do

 • Avoid situations that may lead to bullying

 • Look at your own behaviour and see if it is, in any way, causing the bullying

 • Remain calm

 •Tell the bully that he / she is annoying you and you want it to stop

 • Look for support from others. (e.g. a friend, parent or teacher)

 • Report the bullying to your class teacher, the teacher on duty, the Assistant Principal or the Principal

What can parents do?

 • Listen to their children’s concerns. Ask them directly about their anxieties

 • Work with the school to address the problem

 • Develop your child’s skills and confidence so that they can interact with others socially in a positive way

 • Praise your child’s efforts in self-control, non-violent and responsible behaviour

 • Help your child to develop problem solving strategies

Staff will ensure that procedural fairness applies in dealing with any incidents of bullying. Appropriate and timely support, management and resolution of reported incidents of bullying will be offered to all persons involved in these incidents including the bystanders who have significant influence on the outcome of a bullying issue.

If you would like any further advice on this topic or would like to report cyberbullying behaviour you can contact The Hills Liaison Officer Constable Rob Paterson on 9680 5399.


In line with our Mission Statement, racism is inconsistent with the ethos of St Madeleine’s School. In the school situation, respect, tolerance and acceptance are essential qualities that are fostered in our students. The successful integration into society of people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs can be facilitated if schools engage in suitable educational and awareness raising activities. It is the duty of all members of the school community to ensure that all forms of racism are non-existent at St Madeleine’s School. Through our Religious Education Program, we educate our students to be loving and accepting people, using Jesus as our role model.

Parish & CEDP News
St Madeleine's Sophie Parish News

Parish Services:

Weekend Masses:
- Saturday 5.30pm (Eucharistic Adoration at 4:45),
- Sunday 8:00am, 10:00 am, 5.30pm
Children’s Liturgy
- 10am Mass during Term
Weekday Masses
-Tues - Fri 9:15 am
- Tues 9.30am at St Joseph Centre
Prayer Group
- Wednesdays after the 9.15 am Mass
- Saturdays 5.00pm
- Every 4th Sunday, 11:20, or during 10am Masses
- By appointment
Sacrament Coordinator
Sally Coppini MB: 0407 942 986

Parish Priest: Rev Vincent Savarimuthu
Parish Secretary: Lisa Echevarria

Address:  28 Annangrove Rd, Kenthurst 2156
Phone: 9654 2260
Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday 9am - 4pm
Email:  stmads@yahoo.com.au
Website:  http://stmadeleine.org.au/

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