Diary Dates:
Term 2, 2019

► Friday 7 June

Yr 5 Communion Service

► Monday 10 June

Public Holiday

► Saturday 15 June

P&F Trivia Night 6.30pm

► Monday 17 June

Band Eisteddfod

► Tuesday 18 June

Captivate Dance Performance
Yr 6 Communion Service 

► Wednesday 19 June

Captivate Choir Performance

► Friday 21 June

Refugee Week -
Silly Sock Day & Food Drive for the House of Welcome
Reports Sent Home


Address: 28 Annangrove Rd, Kenthurst 2156
Phone: 9654 6751
Email: stmadeleines@parra.catholic.edu.au
Website: www.stmadeleineskenthurst.catholic.edu.au
Thursday 6 June, 2019 | Term 2, Week 6

Dear Parents and Friends,

Each term I host a Morning Tea with parents in the staffroom to give them the opportunity to talk to me about issues of concern. The main issue we are managing right now is the parking and traffic flow in the carpark and around the site. Many parents notice “the P plate drivers” but the reality is that many students also notice parents not being so polite and patient as they move in and out of the site each day. We have made more room on the corner near the Mary statue and this will help a little. Please continue to follow the traffic guidelines we have established whilst the Church and surrounds are being built. The next Morning Tea is scheduled for Term 3 ~ Wednesday 21st August at 9am in the staffroom. You are most welcome!

The Parent Survey sent out last week gives the school valuable information about what we are doing well and what we need to focus on to improve the experience for you and your children at St Madeleine’s. The link to the survey is   http://tellthemfromme.com/stmads2019  and I would very much appreciate you taking the 20 minutes out of your busy day to give the school this feedback. At this stage we have 47 parents who have responded. You have until the end of next week ~  Friday 14th June ~ to complete the survey.

This week our teaching staff have been engaged in professional learning in teaching Music. Music is one of the strands of Creative Arts ~ along with Visual Arts, Dance and Drama. The staff have embraced this opportunity and are looking forward to programming Music with the students in Terms 3 and 4.    

This week we also welcomed the Australian Opera to St Madeleine’s. The CEO of Opera Australia, Rory Jeffes, stated that singing and drama play an inspiring role in the education of children. He said that Opera Australia aims to foster a love of the performing arts in people of all ages, engaging them in a combination of music, singing, drama and design. He said that Opera involves its audience visually, aurally and emotionally. The performance of By the Light of the Moon certainly engaged our students and gave them a creative  experience to remember!

On Monday evening I attended the presentation by Dr Michael Carr Gregg at St John XX111 Stanhope Gardens. Michael presented many important messages to the huge audience of parents and educators in a very entertaining manner. He spoke about the importance of our children developing friendships and for you as parents to know their friends and their friend’s family. He says that our children need to develop some interest that creates a spark and that gives them some identity other than being part of your family ~ sport, dance, chess...in fact anything that your child loves to do. He cautioned families about screen time and reminded them to have very strict rules around not having devices in the children’s bedrooms at night. He said no-one under the age of 13 should be playing the Fortnight game. He also spoke about how important some foods are in maintaining a healthy body and brain development and function ~ eggs, blueberries, greek yogurt and any fish containing omega 3. He also said that every child needs a very good dose of Vitamin N ~ That is NO! So many children now have so much and expect so much, but the concern is that it is not making them any happier. He spoke about the growing concern of anxiety among our girls ~ especially those moving into adolescence. Dr Gregg has written several books and you may look for them when you are seeking support for your most important job of parenting the next generation. There is no more challenging or rewarding job.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!


Mrs Jeanette Black


"The future is, most of all, in the hands of those people who
recognize the other as a 'you' and themselves as part of an 'us.'
We all need each other.

Pope Francis@Pontifex  

Every Learner Every Day                   
Attendance rate to date is

Our community believes that every day counts for every child.

Our attendance levels are recorded below. Our target is for at least 90% attendance and you will note that zero grades reached over this target over the past fortnight. It is important to know that your children must be at school and inside the classroom before 9am in order for you and them not to have to go to the office for a late note.

Scholastic Year

School Year Attendance Level

Scholastic Year

School Year Attendance Level
















Enjoying healthy relationships has a tremendous impact on your child’s wellbeing and their overall success at school. Many children who experience behavioural problems at school have difficulty interacting with their peers.

Coach your child in positive social skills

Children who develop healthy friendships generally have a definite set of social skills that help make them easy to like, easy to relate to and easy to play with. If your child is struggling to make friends consider coaching them using this three-pronged approach:

Be open: Some children close themselves off to forming new friendships, preferring to stick to one or two friends. Encourage your child to be open to forming friendships with a wide variety of children in and outside school and in doing so encircling themselves with many friendship groups

Be inclusive: Encourage your child to include a wide number of children in their games and activities rather than restricting the possibility of joining in to certain children. Healthy friendship groups are open and inclusive of others, while unhealthy relationships, such as cliques are restrictive, one-sided and full of gossip and criticism

Be aware: Encourage social awareness in your child. For instance, a socially-aware child would be discrete when giving out birthday party invitations at school, being protective and sensitive to the feeling of those not invited. This level of social awareness doesn’t necessarily come naturally to all children, but it can be reinforced by parents and teachers

Encourage friendships with both genders

The primary school age is an ideal time for children to form friendships with both genders. This is particularly valid if your child has siblings of their own gender, or don’t have siblings. It’s through these early relationships that we gain the confidence to mix with different genders in later life. Forming friends helps to break down the mystique that can form, when a child has little contact with the ‘other’ gender.

Understand the impact of gender on friendships

Research shows that boys’ friendships groups are more inclusive and less changeable than friendships enjoyed by girls, particularly those in the eight to twelve year age group. Be prepared to support your daughter through the hurt of friendship breakdowns and remind her that new friendships are just around the corner. Help her reflect on her own place in a friendship breakdown, and be open to restoring a relationship once emotions are in check.

Remember, friends of a feather flock together

If you think that your child doesn’t have as many friends as a sibling or other children their own age, don’t be too alarmed. On average, children usually have only two or three significant friendships at any one time. It’s the quality rather than the quantity of friendships that counts. If you are concerned that your child lacks friends at school encourage him to take up a variety of extra-curricular activities. It’s easier to strike up a friendship with someone when you have something in common.

Above all else encourage your child to be friendly by talking to others, showing an interest in what other children do, offering help when needed and being willing to enter a new game or social situation. Consider teaching your child, if necessary, alternatives to fighting and arguing when there is disagreement and conflict within groups.

Sunday 9 June 2019: Pentecost Sunday - Year C

Jn 20:19-23
A reading from the holy Gospel according to John

As the Father sent me, so I send you: Receive the Holy Spirit.

In the evening of the first day of the week, the doors were closed in the room where the disciples were, for fear of the Jews. Jesus came and stood among them. He said to them, ‘Peace be with you,’ and showed them his hands and his side. The disciples were filled with joy when they saw the Lord, and he said to them again,

‘Peace be with you.'

‘As the Father sent me,

so am I sending you.’

After saying this he breathed on them and said:

‘Receive the Holy Spirit.

For those whose sins you forgive,

they are forgiven;

for those whose sins you retain,

they are retained.’

Mass Roster, Term 2

The Mass roster is included on the parent calendar only. This can be accessed via the school website or the Skoolbag app. All parents are invited to join us in celebrating Parish Mass at 9:15am.


Please note that occasionally changes in the Mass roster may occur. We appreciate your understanding.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Please pray for our children in this time of preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Refugee Week 16 - 22 June

Refugee Week aims raise awareness about the issues affecting refugees and celebrate the positive contributions made by refugees to Australian society. 


We pray for all those who are forced to flee from their homes due to war, violence, hunger or economic desperation.

Matthew 25:35 - 40
I was hungry. And you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty. And you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger. And you invited me in. I needed clothes. And you gave them to me. I was sick. And you took care of me. I was in prison. And you came to visit me.'


“Then the people who have done what is right will answer him. ‘Lord,’ they will ask, ‘when did we see you hungry and feed you? When did we see you thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you as a stranger and invite you in? When did we see you needing clothes and give them to you?  When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

“The King will reply, ‘What I’m about to tell you is true. Anything you did for one of the least important of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Let us pray,

God bless our eyes so that we will recognise injustices.
God bless our ears so that we will hear the cry of the stranger.
God bless our mouths so that we will speak words of welcome to newcomers.
God bless our shoulders so that we will be able to bear the weight of struggling for justice.
God bless our hands so that we can work together with all people to establish peace. Amen


The Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) is proud to be working closely with

The House of Welcome to provide practical support to asylum seekers and refugees in our local communities.


This is an opportunity for our community to support the amazing work done by the House of Welcome by holding a food drive.

Friday 21st June is SILLY SOCK DAY. Please wear silly socks with your uniform on this day and bring an item (or items) of food from the list below.  

Great food items to donate include:

  • Cooking oil

  • Sugar

  • Flour

  • Canned fish (plain tuna)

  • Canned tomatoes

  • Canned chick peas

  • Basmati rice

  • Cooking oil

  • Canned corn (not creamed)

  • Canned peas & carrot

  • Biscuits (sweet & savoury)

  • Canned fruit

  • Tea & coffee

  • Honey & jam

  • Instant noodles

  • Salt, pepper & cooking spices

(Please… no soup, baked beans or tinned spaghetti)

Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

Kathy Fisher
Religious Education Coordinator

The term is well and truly underway with learning in PDH. The students have been experiencing a variety of social and emotional skills that will enhance their mental health as they grow and change.


Take time out this week to discuss some of the skills they have learnt during our Wellbeing time.


Have a wonderful fortnight,


Mrs Sarah Glettner
Health and Wellbeing Teacher

Years Kindergarten, 1 & 2:

Week 3: All Families are Different.


Students learnt that all families are different because there is no right or wrong way to live-we are all different, so are our families.


Week 4: You Have Changed!

Students learnt about how they are changing because it helps them to understand why they feel the way they do, and the impact they have on the world around them.

Years 3 & 4 

Week 3: Extra! Extra!

Students learnt to identify positive things that are happening in their lives and record them in the form of a newspaper article.

Week 4: SMART Goal Setting.

Students learnt about how to set goals and make plans to achieve them.

Years 5 & 6

Week 3: Reflecting on the Week.

Students learnt the skill of reflecting so they can repeat things that went well and learn from their mistakes.

Week 4: Sources of Information.

Students learnt about situations in which they might need help, and who to talk to so that they are supported in times of need.

Year 6 Canberra Camp

Year 6 had a fantastic excursion to Canberra. The students undertook an education tour of the national capital. Students were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy. They especially loved Parliament House, The National Electoral Education Centre and the Australian War Memorial. The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government is contributing funding per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion.


Thank you to Mrs Morris, Mrs Lavercombe, Mrs Knight, Mrs Coope and Mr Lawson for their outstanding care of all students whilst in Canberra last week!

Mrs Jennifer Coope

Stage 3 Soccer Gala Day

Congratulations to the  two teams Stage 3 Girls Teams who represented St Madeleine’s at the Parramatta Diocesan Stage 3 Soccer Gala Day last Thursday.  Both teams tried their best and competed well.

Huge thankyou  to the dad’s that coached on the day:

Mr Carabetta and Mr Susnjara

AFL Auskick
Parent Survey
Athletics Carnival
Traffic Issues

Driveway Safety
Stage 3 Boys Soccer Gala Day Postponed
School Fees Due

KB: Layla Pantaleone & Shelby Hughes
KW: Laura Geltch, Hudson Farr & Caetano Valente
1B: Mikhael Bechara & Sienna Nassif
1W: Alyssa El-Badaoui & Eve Siper
2B: Sophia Jurukovski & Archer Talbot
2W: Clelia Spillane & Austin Wall
3B: Mario Khalil & Elysia Power
3W: Olivia Ferris & Leonardo Scannone
4B: Daniella Jakovljevic & Arya Nematian
4W: Alessia Cutajar & Marcus O'Shea
5B: Lilly Sakkal & Maja Susnjara
5W: Dominic Bruggling & Jack Goodwin
6B: Emily Knight & Noah Brown
6W: Cooper Galvin & Sarah Sawaya
Social Skills: Max Allsop & Caeden Large
Sport: Daniel Gatt (5B) & Christian Blake (5B)
As the weather is getting cooler we have various daily over the counter treats
for recess and lunch. 50c & $1.00 

If you are able to help on Friday's at lunch from 12.45pm - 2.00pm,
we would greatly appreciate your assistance.

f there are any parents who are interested in helping us out in the Canteen during recess or lunch, please contact Catherine directly in the canteen. 

Open Monday - Friday | Ph: 9654 6760 
Canteen Manager: 
Catherine Mares  |  Email:   Cath.M5@bigpond.com  
To view canteen menu, please click  here

Hello Volunteers!

Thank you to all the generous parents and carers who volunteered to be part of the Kiss and Drop roster after the information evenings. Below is the roster for weeks 7 & 8. As a reminder, volunteers are expected to be in the K&D area from 8:30am. Look for the safety vests if supplied, and if you need to remind a driver of the process, please have a friendly, brief chat!

Kiss & Drop Coordinator: Mrs Melissa Crema
Email: melissa.adventures@gmail.com Mobile: 0449 882 348

Monday 10 June
Tuesday 11 June
Senena Bragg, Natalie Commisso
Wednesday 12 June
Melissa Crema, Stacie Covington
Thursday 13 June
Sarah Scott, Leanne Kuntze
Friday 14 June
Danielle Rahme, Fiona Knight
Monday 17 June
Erin Boffo, Simone Eltobaji

Tuesday 18 June
Nicole Jakovljevic, Mel Keddie
Wednesday 19 June
Teresa Sakkal, Lucinda Musolino
Thursday 20 June
Melissa Crema, Aimee Meehan
Friday 21 June
Rebecca Boston, Anita Nader

Privacy Information and Photo Permission


From time to time we publish children’s results in the University Competitions, i.e. Maths, English, Science and Computer Competitions.  We also publish places in sporting events, other awards and achievements. If you have any concerns about your child’s name appearing in our School Newsletter or on our school website, please contact the office.

From time to time it is necessary for Class Contact parents or P & F representatives to telephone parents.  If you do not wish your telephone number to be used by these people, please contact the school office.

From time to time the school sends photos of our children to newspapers or to the Catholic Education Office for inclusion with an article about St Madeleine's. We also include photos in our School Newsletter and on our school website. If you do not wish photos of your child to be used in any publications at school, Catholic Education Office or newspapers please contact the school office.


Arrival & Dismissal


Attendance at school is compulsory and being at school on time and remaining for the whole day ensures that your child has the best opportunity to engage fully in all the learning activities available.

Below are the routines that have been established for both safe arrival and dismissal of students.


We ask that you read through all the items and make yourself and your child familiar with them.

We appreciate your co-operation as we work together to maintain a safe environment for every member of our school community.

Arrival at school

  • School begins at 8:50am
  • A warning bell is rung at 8:45am
  • When the warning bell sounds, children line up in their respective class lines in the COLA area
  • A final bell is rung at 8:50 am to indicate commencement of assembly – all students should be lined up
  • Children are considered to be late if they arrive after the conclusion of assembly and the classes have forwarded into their respective rooms
  • Late children must be accompanied by a parent to the school office and a ‘late arrival’ slip is to be completed by the parent

The student then proceeds to their classroom and presents the teacher with the ‘late arrival’ slip. Details of arrival time and partial absence are noted electronically in the class roll by the office staff.


Parents must not drop their children at the classroom after the bell.

Morning use of the Kiss and drop/Car park


All children being dropped off at school are to use the “kiss and drop” COLA area. A parent volunteer will open the car door and assist the students onto the playground. If you wish to park and come into the playground area, please use the car park beyond the netball court as this area is designated for staff parking only.


Children arriving by BUS wait under the COLA.

A teacher is on duty from 8am.


Afternoon Dismissal

  • Parents wishing to collect their child before the 3:00pm dismissal must notify the teacher in writing and collect the child from the office
  • The note must include the time the child will be collected and the reason for early collection
  • In an emergency - office staff will contact the teacher to indicate that the child needs to be collected early
  • The office staff will note the departure time and partial absence in the class roll

Parents should not collect children from the classroom.

In the afternoon, there are three ways students can go home:

  1. By bus - children walk with a teacher from their grade to the COLA and are supervised as they wait for the buses to arrive at the bus bay. Bus numbers are called over the microphone and students walk to the teacher and board the bus. No children are to be picked up by parents in this area. This duty concludes after the last bus has departed.
  2. Picked up by parents/guardians - students can be picked up by their parents or guardians in person at 3pm. Parents are asked to wait in the amphitheatre if their child is in K-2 or the friendship garden if in Years 3-6.
  3. Car Pick Up – Students walk with a teacher from their grade to the COLA and are called to the car by their family name by a teacher on the microphone. They then walk to the teachers standing along the drive through waiting to assist them into the car. This duty concludes at 3:30pm. All remaining children are taken to the school office to wait for their parents.

The following are a few rules that all parents and children need to observe at the afternoon pickup to ensure the safety of our children and smooth operation:

  • The driver is not to get out of the car.
  • Children are to get into the car on the passenger side – they are not to go around the front or the back of the car to get in on the driver’s side. If this is a problem to any family then that parent will need to park and pick the child up.
  • Bags are to go in the cabin of the car with the child – not in the boot.

If you are picking your child up from the two classroom areas and are running late your child will be taken to car pick up and will wait with the teachers and students and are supervised until 3:30pm. After this time, they will be escorted to the school office.

No child is to be asked to wait in an unsupervised area. 

Student Management

At St Madeleine’s we do as Jesus would do by following the rules of respecting ourselves, others, learning and the environment.


We encourage responsible self-discipline. Various measures are adopted by classroom teachers to maintain a positive classroom climate. We endeavour always to adopt a “same side” approach based on mutual respect


The principles on which we base our behaviour management practices demonstrate procedural fairness. We believe that procedural fairness is a basic right of all children when dealing with school authorities. We apply the ‘hearing rule’ and the ‘right to an unbiased decision’. At no time or for any reason is corporal punishment acceptable at St Madeleine’s.

If consequences are considered necessary for those who violate person or property, they should be reformative, directed towards altering attitudes and subsequent behaviour and should recognise the uniqueness, potential and dignity of each student, remembering Gospel values of forgiveness and hope.

Parish & CEDP News
St Madeleine's Sophie Parish News

Parish Services:

Weekend Masses:
- Saturday 5.30pm (Eucharistic Adoration at 4:45),
- Sunday 8:00am, 10:00 am, 5.30pm
Children’s Liturgy
- 10am Mass during Term
Weekday Masses
-Tues - Fri 9:15 am
- Tues 9.30am at St Joseph Centre
Prayer Group
- Wednesdays after the 9.15 am Mass
- Saturdays 5.00pm
- Every 4th Sunday, 11:20, or during 10am Masses
- By appointment
Sacrament Coordinator
Sally Coppini MB: 0407 942 986

Parish Priest: Rev Vincent Savarimuthu
Parish Secretary: Lisa Echevarria

Address:  28 Annangrove Rd, Kenthurst 2156
Phone: 9654 2260
Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday 9am - 4pm
Email:  stmads@yahoo.com.au
Website:  http://stmadeleine.org.au/

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2nd June 2019

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